Individuals who operate a boat in Yakima, Washington may be required to obtain a Boater Education Card. In order to obtain this card, a person must complete an approved boating safety education course to ensure they are capable of operating a boat to prevent accidents from occurring. Like auto accidents, boating accidents can occur too. Sometimes, boats crash into one another, and other times, boaters are responsible for hitting individuals who are out enjoying the water. Many of the laws that apply to motorists also apply to boaters which is why they should be aware of how to operate their boat safely as well as what behavior is considered illegal.
Here’s why.
In a recent accident, a Yakima, WA man was out riding his jet ski and was run over by a boat. The boater was arrested and charged with operating a boat while intoxicated. Although this is only one of the many boating accidents that occur in the state of Washington, they can be prevented with the right training and appropriate behavior.
[Source: NBC Right Now].
Were you recently involved in a boating accident in the city of Yakima, WA? Are you looking to file a claim or lawsuit to collect damages? If so, our accident lawyers in Yakima are more than qualified to help you with the legal process that follows. Boating accident victims sometimes are eligible to collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their injuries if they can prove the driver of the boat engaged in negligent behavior.

Who is required to have a Boater Education Card in the state of Washington?

If you were born after January 1, 1955, are 12 years or older, and plan on operating a vessel with a 15-horsepower motor, you are required to get one of these cards. You are exempt from having to fulfill this requirement if you meet the following criteria:

  • You were born before January 1, 1955.
  • You are able to produce a valid commercial license.
  • You are able to show a valid Coast Guard Marine Operator License.
  • You are renting a boat, have completed a watercraft safety checklist provided by the vendor and have been issued a temporary card which you must carry with you.
  • You are operating a government vessel exempt from state registration.
  • You are either practicing in or engaging in a permitted racing event.

Those who are required to obtain a Boater Education Card must complete a pass a state-approved boating safety course or equivalency exam. You can find an approved course using any of the following resources:

By adhering to Washington’s state laws and being a responsible boater, you reduce the risk out on the waterways. However, if you have already engaged in an accident in Yakima, WA and another boater’s recklessness caused the accident, our Yakima, Washington accident and injury attorneys can help you determine if your accident qualifies you to file a personal injury claim. If so, our legal professionals will guide you throughout the entire process and help you obtain a favorable outcome.