Texas produces a large amount of energy with various energy sectors located throughout the state. That means there are a great deal of semis, trailers, and tankers contributing to the heavy traffic flow around these areas which in return makes it a bit riskier for the average driver. That means more caution should be taken and less distractions need to be occurring as you find yourself traveling through these areas. The Texas Department of Transportation acknowledges how dangerous these energy sectors are, therefore, provided below are some ways you and your family members can stay safe and avoid an accident.

  • Use extra caution
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  • Stay alert and expect the unexpected.
  • Watch out for large trucks that have limited sight.
  • Always put on your seat belt.
  • Avoid using your cell phone. That means no texting or talking on it.
  • Follow the speed limits that are set for these areas. There is a reason why the speed limits are what they are. In the event a semi-truck pulls out unexpectedly, you need to have ample time to stop.
  • Always stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • If you are going to pass, use added caution and be careful.
  • Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Avoid driving after taking medications that are known to cause drowsiness or fatigue.

If you have engaged in an accident in San Antonio, it may be wise to consult with a nearby Texas accident lawyer as they can inform you of the action you might need to take, especially if it was involving a semi or tractor trailer truck. USAttorneys.com features San Antonio accident lawyers servicing those living in all the counties in Texas and can help you find a professional who can provide you with the attention and knowledge you are going to need.

Accident Facts for Energy Sectors in Texas

Did you know that a large number of the fatal accidents that occur in Texas do so when traveling through energy sectors? “In 2015, there were 26,077 fatal, incapacitating, and non-capacitating crashes and 1,450 fatalities in the state’s six energy sectors. These sectors include:

  • Barnett Shale- 16,344 motorists in this energy sector were involved in fatal, incapacitating, and non-capacitating crashes.
  • Cline Shale- 696 crashes
  • Eagle Ford Shale- 3,3337 fatal, incapacitating, and non-capacitating accidents.
  • Granite Wash- 165 crashes and 24 fatalities.
  • Haynesville/Bossier Shale- 1,609 fatal, incapacitating, and non-capacitating crashes.
  • Permian Basin- 4,622 crashes


What is the Be Safe. Drive Smart. Campaign?

In an effort to bring awareness to Texas drivers on how dangerous the roadways can be, the Be Safe Drive Smart campaign was developed. It is a “year-long public education and awareness effort aimed at saving lives and reducing crashes.” The campaign also serves as a reminder to motorists that they need to be extra careful and cautious while operating their vehicles through any of these energy sector areas.
Being a safe and smart driver can help reduce your chances of engaging in an accident. Unfortunately, some incidents are unavoidable and you need to know what your rights are if you sustain injuries or your vehicle is severely damaged. If you are currently dealing with any of these circumstances, speak with a San Antonio, Texas accident lawyer today.

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