Timothy Alfred Altendorfer, a 29-year old man from West Ashley, has been charged with second offense DUI, driving on a suspended license and hit and run in connection with an accident that occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning which injured his friend.

His fellow passenger and friend Bradford Dutton was hospitalized with injuries, treated and discharged on the same day.
According to Charleston SC accident attorneys, Altendorfer could consider himself lucky since his friend’s injuries weren’t serious enough for a felony DUI charge.
The man and his friend were driving in a KIA when he suddenly turned onto Arlington Drive into head-on traffic. The passenger side of the car collided with a truck and came to a halt. The accused jumped out of the car and ran away from the scene on foot, according to the witness report filed by the truck driver.
Police officers were successful in apprehending Altendorfer soon after the crash. He then confessed to have been drinking at two different bars and also at his house prior to the crash. Blood and urine samples were collected from Altendorfer. He did not fare well in his field sobriety tests.
Altendorfer is irresponsible 
The 29-year old already has a previous DUI conviction.
Second moped-related fatality in a week in North Charleston
Mopeds have become increasingly popular over the years in South Carolina. They are very affordable, they do not require a regular license, owners need not pay any property or registration taxes, people that have lost their privileges to drive are still eligible for a moped license and it requires almost minimal gas. All of this has made the use of mopeds very pragmatic.
However, the number of moped-related deaths has increased by almost three fold over a period of five years. Charleston SC Accident attorneys claim that in most cases it is usually not the fault of the moped rider, they say normally it is a distracted car or truck driver that is to blame.
In an accident that occurred at 7 am on Thursday morning, 62-year old moped rider Thomas Ancrum died and 30-year old truck driver Juan Alberto Brizuela was charged with failure to yield right of way and not holding a valid South Carolina driver’s license. It is imperative that in case of a vehicular accident, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the accident, you should contact a local accident attorney to protect your rights. If you don’t know anyone, simply refer to USAttorneys.com to find one.
Fatal accident kills 4 in South Carolina; driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs
Rusty Clevenger who is a government official that confirms and certifies the death of an individual within a jurisdiction has testified that the wrong-way driver who caused a fatal 6 – car crash on expressway Interstate 85 was both drunk and under the influence of banned drugs. Clevenger alleges that the perpetrator had a blood alcohol content level that was nearly three folds higher than the legal limit. According to accident attorneys, the legal limit for adults in South Carolina is .08.
The drunken-driver was a 60-year old man, Josh Leroy Smith. Unfortunately, four people (excluding the drunken driver himself) died as a result of poor decision making by Smith. Two of the four victims happened to be young girls who had just become mothers. The driver also died as a result of the injuries sustained due to the impact.
Both, Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol have launched an investigation to uncover more details.

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