A man in Florida is suing multiple parties after a motor vehicle incident that took the life of his daughter and her mother.

Car’s fuel system fails and kills two

The incident happened in Belle Glade, which is in the northwest part of Palm Beach County. The Chevy Impala car was traveling on State Road 80 when a dump truck failed to yield and caused a crash while turning onto Hatton Highway. The vehicle also had a number of malfunctions at this time that made the situation much worse. 

The case filed in Palm Beach County’s circuit court alleges that much of the damage was due to Chevy’s faulty fuel system on the car. It further states that Chevy failed to provide a number of crucial safety features that would have prevented injuries and death to those in the vehicle. The dump truck driver who caused the collision was also attached as a defendant. The plaintiff’s attorney argue that while the driver did cause the initial car crash, the defective vehicle actually caused the wrongful death of the two people inside. A medical examiner confirmed that the two occupants of the car were not actually killed from the impact when the truck turned in front of them. The medical report concluded that both died from smoke inhalation and severe burns, and if they had been able to escape the vehicle, they would have survived. The mother had been knocked unconscious after the accident.

The defense attorney for the truck driver said that his client did actually try to rescue the woman from the car, and he did not know that the baby was in the back seat. The Impala’s fuel system was apparently supposed to automatically shut down due to the crash, but it did not which accelerated the blaze that was inside the vehicle. 

General Motors says that at the time of the news report they had not yet been formally served with a copy of the lawsuit, so they could not comment. The pleading is 62 pages long due to the complexity of some issues involved. However, GM did say that based on what they knew there was a high speed collision between the dump truck and the deceased woman’s vehicle. The exact amount of damages that are involved in the case is unknown, but cases related to fatalities tend to be for large amounts. 

The plaintiff also claims that he was emotionally affected by the accident because he was planning to marry his daughter’s mother shortly after the day the crash happened. 

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