A serious injury in Palm Beach County, Florida involved a woman who was thrown from a watercraft in the Delray Beach area.

Delray Beach lake accident nearly takes the life of one victim

The victim was with some friends on Lake Ida with various types of watercraft vehicles early in the month of May. 

The victim said that she does not remember the accident, but apparently she hit some kind of obstacle on the lake, got thrown from the vehicle, and sustained injuries to her back, arms, and head. She had to remain in Delray Medical Center for almost an entire month recovering. Her first memories after being injured on the lake include waking up in the hospital the following day and not knowing whether she was dreaming or not. 

Someone who was riding a boat nearby happened to see the crash and pulled her from the water. She would have likely died from the collision if this witness had not acted quickly to save her life. 

During her hospital stay, her family was not allowed to visit because of the pandemic, but friends and family members set up a prayer tent outside. Her parents, sister, and boyfriend all spent hours each day in the area and set up signs. The victim was able to communicate with her family by using an iPad from her hospital bed. The Facetime program became her only way to see her family. 

The doctors who supervised her treatment said it was a miracle that she was able to recover. She still has trouble walking due to back problems and does not have a complete range of motion in her left arm, but is okay otherwise. The news report concluded by saying that she intends to make a full recovery. 

Personal injury law and accidents

Whenever an accident such as this happens, it is important to get help from any attorney who focuses on personal injury cases. While motor vehicle crashes are the most common types of personal injury cases in the United States, stories such as this show that tragedy can strike during all kinds of daily activities. 

After an accident happens, medical costs and other unforeseen expenses can cause huge problems for the victim and their family. A civil case against the person or business responsible for the injury is the best way to help offset the staggering costs associated with healthcare and continued treatment.

Get advice from a personal injury attorney

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