Greene County Coroner’s office has said that one coal miner died as a result of an accident in June.
According to the Herald Standard, The coroner’s office said that John William Kelly, 55, died at the Waynesburg hospital after being injured when working at the 4 West Mine in Mount Morris, close to Bobtown, of the Dana Coal Company.

According to the coroner’ office, initial investigations indicate that the injuries were caused by some air shaft or mine coming down on Kelley, reports WVPublic. If you know anyone who has been a victim of unsafe working conditions, though it has not been determined if this death could have been prevented, this is the site you need to check out: There are some zealous accident attorneys on this site.
America is loaded with coal and needs energy
Mine Safety Health Administration officials have stopped work in the mine that otherwise operates 24 hours a day, all week long. This is too bad since it will be stated below this mine is checked all the time so why close down this mine when America needs energy and America is loaded with coal?
Bad luck
Kelly had worked in the mine for 10 years and was delivering mining supplies using a diesel scoop. He was passing a series of air lock doors when one of them collapsed along with the frame and crushed him. He sustained injuries that were attended to by emergency workers before he was transported to hospital where he was declared dead. There are so many ways to be hurt or killed in this line work. Will it ever be a perfect system?
This is just bad luck since these companies do so much to try to make the mine safe for their employees.
Team of Emergency Medical Services workers providing first aid at the scene of a car crash
Authorities investigating the accident had found many violations such as illegal hard hat, loose gravel on the travel path, improperly used ventilation doors, and ventilation doors that were not properly installed by being bolted to the roof. While investigations into the accident continue, authorities have also decided to inspect ventilation doors in mines in the region.
The authorities had already cited the company and mine for violations and the mine was already voluntarily working to shore up loose rocks at the time of the accident. The large and complex mine was being inspected four times a week to ensure safety at the time of the accident that lead to Kelly’s death.
Dana Mines is owned by Mepco of Morgantown, West Virginia. The company has issued a statement by its vice president for operations saying that it is completely cooperating with the authorities who are investigating the accident and related circumstances.
Accident deaths and injuries
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