West Virginia Auto Accident Attorneys and Lawyers

Were you recently involved in an accident? Was it while you were on the clock at work? Perhaps you were crossing the street when a driver neglected to see you? Maybe your accident occurred on the premise of a business that failed to ensure it was safe and free from hazard? As you know, accidents occur in various ways and in all sorts of places. But, what you may not know is that there are laws set into place in the state of West Virginia that protect individuals who may have sustained injuries in an accident that were brought on by a negligent individual or entity.

So, ask yourself? How did this accident happen? Was the person driving under the influence? Did your boss fail to give you the right equipment or training before sending you out into the field? Was the floor slippery in a grocery store and you fell? While your circumstances are probably going to differ significantly, the main point to focus on is this: You were involved in an accident and you sustained injuries that were brought on by someone else, right?

So now what? What are your options and what laws are important for you to be aware of? Well, the good news is that we have connections with some of the best accident attorneys in the state of West Virginia who specialize in filing claims, can explain the laws to you in terms that are easier to understand, and will help you file a personal injury lawsuit if need be to get you the compensation you deserve.


West Virginia’s Negligence Laws

If your injury was brought on by an individual, you have the right to file suit against them within two years from when the accident occurred. There are three ways you may be able to obtain compensation.

  1. File a claim through your own insurer given that you have adequate coverage.
  2. File a claim through the reckless individual’s insurance company or a collect liability insurance benefits from a business’s policy.
  3. You can file a lawsuit through West Virginia’s civil court system.

You can find all the court information you need by visiting the West Virginia Judiciary site. Simply click the county you live in and you will be provided with judge’s names, phone numbers, and addresses to specific court houses. Because our attorneys spend a large amount of time in these court houses, they are also familiar with this information and can also provide it to you as well.


Get a Free Case Review from One of Our WV Accident Lawyers

It is always suggested you speak with a skilled accident lawyer in your state to determine what the best method of action to take is and how much your injury may be worth. Our accident attorneys in West Virginia have prior experience handling these types of matters and can use the information you provide to them to help derive at an amount they feel your injuries may be worth.