What are a driver’s rights if they suffered a permanent disability as a result of a truck accident in Kentucky?

If an individual recently learned that the injuries they suffered in a truck accident have resulted in them becoming permanently disabled, they may be wondering whether they should be awarded compensation to make up for this. The answer is, maybe. If the accident was caused by a negligent truck driver, then they may be able to recover compensation from the truck operator or the driver’s employer.

If the accident happened while they were working, then workers’ compensation may provide them with medical and cash benefits given they are entitled to receive them. Because there are multiple avenues a truck accident victim may be entitled to take to recover compensation to make for the circumstances the accident left them faced with, they are encouraged to consult with a Kentucky truck accident lawyer.


How much might a truck accident receive if they suffered a permanent disability as a result of a crash?


The severity of the injury generally plays a large role in determining how much a truck accident victim should receive. If the injury resulted in a person becoming permanently disabled but they can still work, then they may not be entitled to as much as someone who is no longer physically able to work any type of job. If their injuries interfere with their ability to enjoy life and/or have caused them to accrue a substantial amount in debt stemming from medical care, this too will play a role in determining how much they should be awarded.

It is worth noting, however, that before a truck accident victim can obtain any amount of compensation from another party, they will need to prove it was the other party’s negligence that caused the accident. Fortunately, there are skilled Kentucky truck accident lawyers who can help them do this.


How can a truck accident victim obtain compensation for their disabling injuries?


As previously mentioned, there may be multiple avenues a truck accident victim can take to recover the compensation they are due. These include:


  1. Filing an insurance claim.

If the truck driver was working for someone at the time of the accident, then the victim may be able to obtain compensation from their employer’s insurance carrier. In some cases, they might also be able to file a claim under their own policy.


  1. File a personal injury lawsuit.

Because disabling injuries are often costly to treat and also result in a victim incurring additional accident-related expenses such as having to pay for home health care, therapy, etc., they may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party to recover the compensation they are due.

Victims should be aware, however, that there is a time limit to get their lawsuit filed which is referred to as the statute of limitations. The State of Kentucky only allows victims seeking financial relief for personal injuries one year from the date of their accident or their injuries became known to file their lawsuit.1

If a truck accident victim would like to learn more about their legal rights or have a truck accident lawyer assess their case and determine what it is worth, they can contact USAttorneys.com. USAttorneys.com will get them connected with a KY truck accident lawyer in their city who is more than willing to address their questions and concerns.



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