Baton Rouge, LA – Almost all motor vehicle accidents are either caused by a mechanical error in the vehicle or a human error. The most common causes of all collisions tend to be people making mistakes, rather than problems with the roads or specific vehicle issues. When examining these mistakes, there are certain behaviors that tend to be responsible for lots of collisions in both Louisiana and the rest of the United States each year.  

Collisions and mistakes by careless drivers

An accident is considered a human error if it happened due to some kind of carelessness or mistake made while a person was driving on the roads. Unfortunately, many alert and responsible drivers end up in collisions as well, due to mistakes made by those who are nearby. Errors made by drivers have been divided into a number of different categories based on behaviors that are likely to have serious consequences. 

Drunk and impaired driving accidents

The fact that many Americans consume alcohol, take prescription drugs, and can use marijuana legally means that there are a number of people who drive while under the influence of these substances. Driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol remains a common source of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities. Anyone who is caught may be charged criminally, and they may also face lawsuits from others who were affected if they cause an accident while intoxicated

Distractions inside of cars

Things like cell phones, car stereos, and navigation systems have all become more complex and engrossing for drivers. In addition to technology causing distractions, things like talking to other passengers and eating can also take a driver’s eyes off of the road for several seconds at a time. Car accidents become much more likely as the number of distractions inside of the vehicle increases. Even health problems and medical conditions can become distractions if they affect the driver’s ability to operate their car normally. 

Areas where the driver does not know where to go 

When a driver is in an area where they are looking for directions, unsure of the speed limit, or not aware of changes in road conditions, they are much more likely to hit another car. When a number of new variables factor into a driver’s habits, they can easily make mistakes. The driver may even violate traffic laws without even realizing what they are doing.

Attorneys who handle accidents in Louisiana

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