West Palm Beach, FL – Many people in Florida and the rest of the country rely on ride sharing services to get around every day. These companies charge riders a premium for a service, yet their drivers make mistakes regularly and cause accidents. Data has shown that widespread use of ridesharing services may actually be making the roads more dangerous and drivers regularly commit traffic violations while transporting passengers. 

Individuals who have been involved in a collision while using rides should review some important pieces of information to ensure that their rights are protected and bring a lawsuit if necessary. 

Basic safety precautions that riders should take

Before getting in the vehicle, the rider should verify the driver’s name and the type of vehicle they are driving. This information may be needed later if there is an incident. 

If the driver is clearly not driving safely and the passenger fears an accident may happen, they can ask the driver to end the ride and let them out if this can be done safely. 

Liability after the collision

Depending on the specifics of the accident, there may be an at fault driver who is liable for all damages. The ride sharing company may be partially negligent or implicated for the purposes of insurance claims or lawsuits. The passenger should also report the incident to the ride sharing company as soon as it happens to create a record of the collision. 

How much will a victim be paid in a lawsuit or through insurance claims?

Ride sharing companies tend to have larger policies to cover injuries than many other drivers because they operate nationally. However, it is also important for victims to realize that the damages available will be relative to the severity of their injuries. In other words, a passenger who sustained only very minor injuries because of a collision should not expect millions of dollars worth of payouts. 

Being mindful of settlement offers

A ride sharing company may try to offer an accident victim a small amount as a settlement to prevent a lawsuit. Anyone who is offered a settlement by a ride sharing company should always speak with an attorney first. The victim may find that it is very difficult to pay for their medical expenses and other losses if they accept a small settlement rather than pursuing an injury lawsuit.  It is often better for a person in this situation to get legal help, then negotiate for a better offer. 

Accident attorneys in West Palm Beach

Anyone who was injured in a ride sharing accident should contact a local law firm for more info. Smith and Vanture is an experienced firm in West Palm Beach. 

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