Lafayette, LA – When someone is hurt in a car accident, it is likely that their lawyer will enter into settlement negotiations at some point. This is generally a good sign, as settlements will conclude the case and provide the victim with funds that should be sufficient to cover medical treatment and other problems created by the defendant’s actions. The victim can pursue this remedy even if they have insurance. However, the language in the agreement itself and the process of settlement negotiations can be confusing for someone who has never been through this situation before. 

What are the reasons that the victim would accept a settlement?

Jury trials related to accident cases are becoming more and more rare as negotiations and settlements become a more efficient way for victims to be compensated. There is not a risk of potential loss from a settlement as there is if the parties go to trial and they return a verdict for the defendant, leaving the victim with nothing. Legal expenses associated with a trial can also be quite large, and these costs will be billed to the client and come out of their winnings. In other words, the trial is less risky, more efficient, and more likely to be successful.

How much money will the plaintiff receive through their settlement agreement? 

This can vary greatly depending on the specifics of each accident. When a lawsuit starts, the plaintiff’s lawyer will summarize their amount of damages at the end of the complaint that is filed in the local courts. This is usually a total of medical bills, lost income, and an argument for pain and suffering. A settlement agreement will not usually give this full amount, however the defendant will probably agree to a comparable but lesser amount that covers most of the associated losses. If the victim is not happy with the initial amount proposed in the settlement, their attorney can give a counter offer and negotiate further. 

How does the settlement end the case?

In order to end the litigation, there is almost always language somewhere in the settlement that the defendant is relieved from liability for all related costs of the victim’s injuries in the future. This means that even if more health problems are discovered later, it may be difficult or impossible to sue the same person again later unless the settlement agreement reserves this right. In most cases, the victim should ensure that the amount in the agreement will satisfy them entirely. 

Help for accident victims in Louisiana

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