Halloween is a time of fright and fear (the good kind of course) but also a time when there is a lot of excitement and fun going on. Many children enjoy going door to door in their Halloween costumes they spent months contemplating on and while families are encouraged to enjoy themselves this time of year, they must not forget that accidents can and do occur on Halloween. It is for this very reason that we are sharing with you some last minute safety tips before you and your family head out in the neighborhood this Halloween [Source: Patch.com].

  1. Be cautious when lighting jack-o-lanterns. As intrigued as your children may be by the lit-up jack-o-lantern, remember, if you are using a real candle, only use a long fireplace-style match to do so and blow out the candle before leaving to go out trick-or-treating. If you want to decrease your chances of having a fire break out, consider using a glow stick or battery-powered candle instead of a real one.

Did you know that between 2014 to 2016, “an estimated 10,100 fires were reported to fire departments in the United States over a three-day period around Halloween” [Source: FEMA]? These fires not only led to approximately 30 people being killed, but also 125 sustaining injuries and $102 million in property loss.

  1. Use caution when approaching a home that isn’t brightly lit. While it is understandable that homeowners are looking to give off an eerie feel during Halloween by keeping their lights dimmed, this could put you and your children at risk of getting hurt on their property. Therefore, use added caution when going trick-or-treating at homes that don’t have much light so that you don’t trip or bump into anything that could harm you. It might be a good idea to avoid dark homes and remember to keep yours lit-up so neighborhood children aren’t at risk of tripping and falling on your property either.


  1. Beware of flammable decorations. While October is the month when Halloween occurs, it also marks the first full month of the fall season which means many families will begin to put up fall décor. Now, as nice as it may look, you must remember that many decorations such as dried flowers, cornstalks, and crepe paper are all highly flammable so they should be kept away from an open flame, light bulbs, and heaters, says Patch.com.


  1. Be visible. If you are going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood or in another area, remember to make yourselves visible, even if your costumes are darkly colored. Whether it’s by carrying a flashlight, glow sticks, or adding some reflective tape to your children’s candy bags, be sure you can be seen by drivers to reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


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