What are some mistakes that can affect a person’s ability to receive compensation after an accident?

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Lake City, FL – When an individual has been harmed in an accident, they will need compensation through insurance claims or a civil injury lawsuit. This compensation can help cover medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and other expenses caused by the incident. However, a person’s ability to receive this necessary money can be severely limited if they do not follow certain rules after a collision happens. For more specific advice about getting compensation following injuries, those who have been hurt should get in touch with a local attorney shortly after the accident. 

Not reporting the accident properly

If an accident is not reported to the police and the relevant insurance companies, this can cause a number of problems at a later time. When a person leaves an accident scene without contacting the other driver or anyone else, they can even face criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. After the accident has been reported, this will cause local law enforcement to investigate and generate a report with their findings. Once an insurance company has notice of the incident, they can also start the process to get claim money to the drivers. 

Negligent and illegal behaviors

If a person was clearly at fault for a crash because of negligence, traffic violations, or criminal acts, this can affect their ability to receive money for their losses. Drivers should always be careful to follow all relevant traffic laws, otherwise they can receive citations from police or their insurance company may even decide to drop their coverage for serious offenses such as drunk driving or vehicular manslaughter. Any evidence of traffic violations or illegal acts can be used against the person if a lawsuit is filed against them.  

The statute of limitations has expired

Florida and other states have laws that limit when people can attempt to file civil lawsuits against a person or entity that is responsible for their losses. Similarly, insurance companies also set time limits for when they will accept and process a claim related to an accident. To avoid problems related to timing issues, those involved in the crash should get legal advice within a short period of time after the accident.

Accident attorneys in Lake City

Koberlein Law Offices is a firm that assists those who have recently been involved in motor vehicle collisions in Florida. Their attorneys are able to provide advice and representation throughout the course of a civil lawsuit for compensation. 

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