Baton Rouge, LA – Drivers need to file injury lawsuits against the person or business responsible for an accident mostly for financial reasons. They will have vehicle repair costs, hospital and medical bills, and other kinds of losses that are associated with the accident. While insurance claims can help with some of these costs, a lawsuit is recommended when the victim is seriously hurt, or if they have losses that are too large for their insurance to cover. Specific advice should be obtained from a lawyer before making the decision to bring a civil lawsuit. 

Increased insurance rates

Even a minor accident can end up costing a driver hundreds or thousands of dollars in the months or years afterward due to their insurance company increasing the cost of coverage. All drivers should be aware of this potential for increases, and it may even be beneficial to switch insurance providers if there are excessive rate increases after each accident. 

Time away from work

Having to spend extended periods of time away from a job can have a number of consequences. The person may lose income, delay promotions, and other issues that can affect their long term career prospects. Injuries can also affect the person’s ability to work in their same career field if they are partially disabled or permanently injured. 

Health and medical issues

If there is any evidence of an injury, the victim will need to be transported to a hospital emergency room and treated. In addition to this initial treatment, the victim may also need extensive help from specialists or other doctors in the months or years following. There is also the possibility that the victim will be prescribed expensive medications that must be taken long term. Part of the recovery process for certain injuries also includes physical therapy as well, to help the victim move and work as normal.  

Damages for projected losses

During an accident lawsuit or settlement talks, the victim’s lawyer can ask for not only losses that have already occurred, but projected losses of money. This will help the victim pay for their immediate costs, but also help pay for things like future medical treatment and recovery, and any other money that they would have earned or not had to pay if there was not an accident. In some cases, future medical treatment costs and lost earning potential are the largest aspect of damages. 

Help from accident lawyers in Louisiana

There are attorneys who can assist people who have been injured in accidents in the Baton Rouge area. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with local clients with their lawsuits and settlement negotiations.

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