Witnessing a car accident or any other type of roadway accident can be a traumatic time for anyone. It places you in a situation where you want to help, but may not be sure how you can, especially if severe injuries are evident. There are certain guidelines that are recommended by Geico that are offered to help ensure you are providing the assistance you are capable of without placing your own life in jeopardy.

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Car crash witnesses are crucial to an accident case, especially when both parties involved are claiming they are innocent.

And in the event you are the individual who was involved in the accident, you are encouraged to reach out to an Austin, Texas accident lawyer at the Robson Law Firm. They have already helped their clients recover over $26 million in compensation for the accidents they were involved in.
Now, if you witness an auto accident, below are a few guidelines that could help you and the accident victims just after a crash transpired.

  1. Ensure your safety is put first- While it understandable that you want to help those who are in pain and suffering, you also don’t want to put your life in danger. Geico suggests that if you are looking to ensure everyone is okay, pull over at least 100 feet from the scene and put your hazard lights on. Sometimes accidents result in broken glass, leaked fuel, and fires so you want to park with enough distance between your car and the accident scene.


  1. Call 911- The local police department should be notified of an accident, regardless of whether it is minor or not. And you don’t want to make any assumptions that once you arrive on scene that someone else has already called. This could stall paramedics in being sent out and prevent the victims from receiving the first aid they require.


  1. Determine the condition of the victims- Once you have confirmed that the accident scene is safe for you to approach, check on the condition of those involved in the accident. If they have sustained an injury, don’t make any effort to move them unless a fire has broken out or is on the verge of starting. The last thing you want to do is worsen their injuries.


  1. Give a statement to police- A witness statement can help an innocent driver hold those accountable for their negligent behavior. This statement can also be beneficial for the accident lawyers at the Robson Law Firm in Austin, Texas as they can use it to help the victims recover the necessary compensation for the injuries and damages sustained.

A witness to an accident can play a major role in the outcome of a car accident lawsuit or claim but it is important you understand your safety is just as important as those who were already involved in the crash.
If you are a witness looking to further assist a car crash victim, a family member, or the crash victim yourself, the Robson Law Firm will aid in getting your accident claim or lawsuit filed and help you collect the compensation you are warranted. You can speak with an Austin accident lawyer now by calling 512-345-8200.

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