Shenandoah, LA – People in Louisiana and other states around the country constantly hear about the dangers of driving and fatal crashes. While there are some very real risks associated with driving, the average person is much more likely to have their life end from things like health problems or other issues than a car accident. Anyone who has had a family member die in a fatal crash can file a lawsuit against the person or business responsible to receive compensation. 

Accident data

In recent years, about 30,000 to 40,000 deaths have occurred on roads in the United States. Close to 1,000 of those happen in Louisiana annually. While this number is cause for concern, things like accidents that do not involve motor vehicles, drug overdoses and misuse, cancer, and heart disease are all more common causes of death for Americans. Most concerned drivers should do their best to try to minimize their risk while on the roads by taking simple precautions.

Driving behaviors and risk level

There are certain risks that make some people much more likely to experience accidents than others. People who spend less time on the road are obviously at much lower risk than those such as commercial drivers who are driving for several hours each day. Those who consume drugs or alcohol before driving also greatly increase their chances of being involved in a fatal crash. Additional problems that tend to contribute to accidents include using phones or being distracted in the car, as well as disobeying traffic laws. 

Wrongful death lawsuits

The main civil remedy that is available to anyone who has lost a family member is a wrongful death lawsuit. This is a case for compensation through the civil courts, and this can be brought regardless of whether there is an associated criminal case or if the person responsible was tried and found not guilty. Louisiana has specific laws that outline who has the right to bring this case on the deceased person’s behalf, what kinds of compensation they can receive, and the time limit to bring the lawsuit. The family may receive compensation for the person’s final medical treatment, funeral and burial costs, the person’s future lost wages and income, and the value of other services that they could have provided if they had lived. An accident attorney can give more specific advice about the compensation available following a fatal incident. 

Help after an accident

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that helps clients with their accident lawsuits in Shenandoah and other cities in Louisiana. People who need help can schedule a meeting with their injury attorneys to learn more and bring a lawsuit if necessary. 

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