Norfleet, FL – There are financial, legal, and insurance consequences for drivers who cause accidents. Evidence of their actions can be used against them in court if there is legal action, and insurance companies may change the person’s rates as well. Anyone who has been hurt in a motor vehicle crash in the state should talk to a local lawyer to receive advice regarding the best course of action. 

Fault and motor vehicle accident claims

Fault is a term used during the insurance process. Florida is actually a no fault state, where all parties involved in a car collision can file claims with their insurance company, regardless of any evidence that may be used to determine fault. There are a couple of different things that will happen after an insurance claim in no fault states. The first is that the driver is paid a certain amount for injuries and losses through their own provider. Also, this process limits legal action to more serious crashes or those that cause specific kinds of injuries. This is because a driver has already been paid anyway, so there is little point in filing a lawsuit when they have received enough compensation to cover costs tied to the crash. 

Increased insurance rates

Insurance companies regularly raise the rates of all drivers who are involved in an accident. They consider each accident an additional risk, and charge the driver accordingly based on what they think it should cost to insure the person based on their accident history, traffic tickets, and other factors. Any discretion related to how much each driver is charged is reserved to the individual insurance provider, so people who have seen increased rates after an accident should contact their auto insurance company with any questions. 

Negligence cases against drivers who cause crashes

Aside from this doctrine related to fault, there is another legal term called negligence that may become relevant if there is legal action related to the incident beyond the insurance process. A driver who is found to be negligent as a matter of law will have to pay for the costs of the others involved in the crash. This can include the costs of property repairs, lost income and earning capacity, hospital and medical bills, and non-economic costs for pain and suffering. 

Help from local personal injury lawyers

Smith and Vanture is an injury firm that works to help clients in Norfleet and other parts of Florida. People who need to discuss their situation with a licensed attorney can get in touch with the firm to learn more about insurance claims, the doctrine of fault, and lawsuits.  

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