What are the eligibility requirements to receive compensation for the Camp LeJeune water contamination?

Hazardous work conditions

Traverse City, MI – The issues related to the water contamination at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina have received much attention in recent years. For several years between the 1950s and 1980s, many military service members and others were exposed to harmful substances in the water supply. These volatile organic compounds which come from fuel, dry cleaning chemicals, and other substances can cause cancer, kidney problems, birth defects, and a series of other health problems. Generally speaking, those who can show that they were on the base for at least a month can attempt to take legal action, although there are other specific issues that may affect each case. For the base chance of success, anyone who is considering making a claim should get legal advice that is specific to their concerns.  

The three groups outlined in the Camp LeJeune Justice Act

Congress passed a law that set aside funding for matters related to the lawsuits called the Camp LeJeune Justice Act. This piece of legislation outlines a few different categories of people who are eligible to try to receive compensation. The groups include veterans and family members who lived on Camp LeJeune for a period of at least one month starting August 1st, 1953 and December 31st, 1987. People who worked on the base for at least a month during this same time period are eligible, even if they were considered civilian contractors. Finally, anyone else who has evidence that they may have been exposed to the contaminated water at the base for at least thirty days during the 1953 to 1987 time frame can try to take action. 

Lawsuits on behalf of deceased individuals

If a surviving family member of a person who was serving at the base at this time wants to file a case on behalf of their deceased relative, this is possible as well. The family will need to go through a similar process to prove that the deceased person suffered from some kind of injury or health issues due to the water contamination.

How much can eligible individuals receive?

Compensation civil cases can vary based on a number of factors. As a general rule, those with more serious health complications can expect to ask for larger amounts. 

More information is available

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