Iowa City, IA – There are many accidents involving slip and fall situations and injuries caused by negligently maintained property in Iowa and other states. In these situations, the property owner actually has a responsibility to keep an area clear to limit or eliminate the possibility of others being hurt. A victim who has sustained injuries and losses due to the property owner’s negligence has the right to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation

Premises liability

The area of the law that imposes responsibilities on property owners is called premises liability. This means that guests, clients in business settings, and even trespassers may be owed a duty of care based on the specific situation. In general, property owners should try to keep areas that will be accessed in a clear and clean condition. Areas with potential hazardous conditions should have restricted access or warning signs. 

Factual determinations

A lawsuit for premises liability will be highly fact intensive. This means that there will be information related to the behavior of both the property owner and the victim. For example, if an area had warning signs about a wet floor, but the victim went through the area anyway, they may be found negligent and be partially or entirely at fault for their own losses. There also may be issues about how often an area was cleaned and maintained, and if the owner had simply ignored the possibility that someone would be hurt by an obstacle. Other parties may have third party responsibility as well in situations where a retail store would not have the opportunity or notice to fix a hazard created by another shopper. 

Remedies for the victim

The remedy in most civil injury cases is compensation. This means that if there is a slip and fall accident and the victim broke their leg, the defendant will have to pay for medical treatment for the injury, along with additional losses created by the accident such as time away from work and lost income. There is also the possibility of the victim receiving non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Victims should be aware that as a general rule their amount of compensation will be related to the seriousness of their injuries. This means that minor injuries will generally provide much less compensation than situations where the victim has had a life changing accident. 

Help from a local attorney in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices assists people who were hurt in various kinds of accidents in the state of Iowa. Their attorneys can provide specific advice based on each individual’s injuries and the amount of potential compensation available. 

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