What are the most common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents in Boynton Beach?

motorcycle accident

Boynton Beach, FLMotorcycle accidents tend to be more serious than standard motor vehicle crashes due to the lack of protection for people on bikes. A rider will often have a helmet, with little other safety gear. This means that the damage a cyclist sustains is more likely to be fatal or life changing. Due to the type of impact that happens during most motorcycle accidents, there are some injuries that are more common than others. 

Those who have been hurt while riding a motorcycle can meet with a local attorney to discuss their problems and see what kinds of compensation may be available through a settlement. 

Head injuries

Motorcyclists have little protection from impact with the road and other vehicles. This means that a rider can potentially sustain a traumatic brain injury if there is any impact or trauma involving the skull. Most states have motorcycle helmet laws to try to protect accident victims, although wearing helmets is optional for many adult riders in Florida. A concussion or brain damage is a life changing injury that can take months or years for a full recovery. The costs associated with treating brain injuries can also be very large. 

Back problems and trauma to the spine

If a motorcyclist makes contact with the ground or other hard objects, the spine and back area may absorb a large amount of force and pressure. In extreme cases, this can result in paralysis or other life changing injuries. 

Damage to the legs and knees

It is common for the motorcyclist’s legs or knees to sustain severe impacts during and after a collision. This can result in broken bones, fractures, or long term problems with the knees and the legs, which also cause mobility issues. If the victim has a permanent problem with their ability to get around as normal, this may also affect their ability to work and function.  

Contact with the road surface

When a motorcyclist sustains serious skin irritation due to contact with the road, this tends to be called road rash. These wounds often require immediate medical treatment due to the possibility of infections, bleeding, and other serious health complications. It is also possible that the tissue where the contact occurred can scar, resulting in permanent disfigurement to the victim. 

Help with an accident lawsuit

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