Cedar Rapids, IA Various kinds of accidents put people in difficult situations. The person may have medical bills, property repairs, and miss time from work. Many of these losses may not be covered even if they have an insurance policy that is relevant to their accident. When a victim finds that they need help with getting enough compensation for their losses and navigating the legal process, a personal injury lawyer is their best option. 

Starting the process to document and report an accident

When an accident happens, the victim should report it to the appropriate authorities and contact their insurance company if applicable. They can also gather some basic evidence such as pictures and getting contact information from witnesses. All of this should be done at the accident scene shortly after the incident if possible. Otherwise law enforcement may be contacted to the scene of a car crash or other types of serious accidents. There should be some kind of reports or documentation generated by the police or an insurance provider that may prove to be useful as well. 

Contacting the attorney

When the victim is serious about getting legal help, they should gather all of their information and speak with a local firm that is experienced in similar types of accidents. This is a serious choice, so only the most knowledgeable and professional lawyer or firm should be chosen. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation where the attorney outlines the process of how the case will progress, what the victim should expect, and the potential amount of compensation available. If they agree on representation, the lawyer will formally file the lawsuit.

Negligence cases

Almost all personal injury lawsuits are brought in the local civil court system as negligence cases. This means that the person or business responsible did not meet the proper standard of care, and then caused some kind of harm to one or more people. The lawyer will handle the details of exchanging information and documents with the defendant through the discovery process and filing motions with the courts until the case is either ready to settle or go to trial. The amount of money available for the victim can be discussed with the attorney, as it is difficult to give general estimates without reference to specific facts or cases. 

A firm that can help after a collision in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices assists accident victims in the Cedar Rapids area with their legal experience and knowledge. When an injury happens, the firm can file a civil lawsuit for compensation for various types of losses caused by the person responsible. 

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