Yuma, AZ – Driving always carries certain risks and dangers. However, there are behaviors that greatly increase the likelihood that a driver will be involved in a collision and experience injuries and property damage. Various forms of research and data have shown that a few key problems are responsible for a majority of accidents.

Distractions in the car

Certain features within a car such as radios and stereos, GPS systems, and temperature controls can take the driver’s eyes off of the road for several seconds at a time. These problems have become even more dangerous in the last two decades as most drivers keep their mobile phones with them in the car and use various features such as messaging while driving. Distractions caused by phones and their programs are now one of the leading cases of accidents in the United States. 

Not obeying the speed limit

Drivers constantly seem to disregard the speed limit and go faster on most roads throughout Arizona and the entire United States. If a driver suddenly needs to stop or slow down, speeding can make it much more likely that a collision will occur before the driver has time to control their vehicle. If a driver was speeding when they caused an accident, they can be given a traffic ticket and evidence of their speeding may be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit after the collision. 

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Despite the public awareness campaigns and harsh penalties, some drivers still choose to consume drugs or alcohol before operating a vehicle. This is a poor decision that results in hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. Some victims are fatally harmed by intoxicated drivers as well. When a driver who was drunk causes a collision, the victim may have strong evidence of negligence for their civil case, regardless of whether the suspect is ever convicted in criminal court or not. 

Various traffic violations 

It is common for drivers to do things like go through red lights and stop signs, make illegal turns and lane changes, or even drive in the wrong direction on a one way street. All of these mistakes are extremely dangerous and they make accidents much more likely. Because the police cannot be watching every spot on the roads to issue tickets and stop drivers for these behaviors, accidents can happen before the drivers are reprimanded. 

Information about lawsuits 

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