If you or a co-worker was recently harmed in a work accident, you going to want to employ a knowledgeable Tupelo accident attorney who can inform you on a number of different things regarding your accident and ensure your employer is handling your worker’s compensation claim properly.

Whether you work for a construction company or are employed by your local supermarket, you run the risk of engaging in an accident every day. Some accidents occur out of the shear negligence of another while many spring upon us without any sort of warning. The fact is, when these accidents arise, we aren’t exactly prepared to handle them because they aren’t something that occurs on a daily basis. We usually go to work with the intention of having a better day than the one before and earning our income, not getting injured, disabled, or die. But work-related accidents are common and many environments place the lives of individuals at risk which only heightens their chance of engaging in an incident.

What Benefits Should I Receive After Getting Hurt at Work?

Once you get your workers compensation claim filed, you should be receiving two types of benefits: medical and wage loss.

Medical Benefits: According to the Mississippi’s Worker’s Compensation Commission, an injured worker is entitled to receive medical care that is necessary and reasonable to treat the injury sustained. The overall goal is to cure the condition and you are entitled to receive the amount of care that is going to get you to this. Some of the types of medical benefits that are generally covered by your employer include:

  • Doctor and hospital visits
  • Nursing services
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Crutches and any other type of medical service that is necessary
  • Reimbursement for mileage driven to see your doctor
  • Rehabilitation services

Wage Loss Benefits: If your injury has you out of work, you are “entitled to a wage loss benefit equal to as much as two-thirds of the workers’ average weekly wage.” When a worker is needing continued care under a physician for their injury and cannot work, this is generally referred to as “temporarily disabled.” But, once you reach a point where your doctor feels you have achieved maximum cure or improvement, you are either dismissed from care or entitled to receive permanent disability payments if your injury has left you disabled or handicap and nothing more can be done. Payments for wage loss should be paid out at least every 14 days.

What to do When You Are Entitled to More

Accidents, especially those that occur at work, are known to leave victims suffering both physically and mentally. While you are entitled to receive certain types of benefits under a worker’s compensation claim, sometimes this just isn’t enough. The best and most efficient way to learn what you are entitled to receive from your employer is by speaking with an accident lawyer in Tupelo first. You may be required to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company you work for in the event they aren’t complying with the requirements they are supposed to fulfil.

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