All kinds of motor vehicles can potentially be involved in accidents that cause extensive injuries. This is true even for vehicles with less powerful engines that are commonly used by young people such as dirt bikes, scooters, and ATVs.
Two young girls near Ocala Florida sustained serious injuries when they were struck while riding an ATV near their home.
SUV hits an ATV in a residential area
Local police for Dunnellon, located just outside of Ocala, and the Florida Highway Patrol were on the scene after the crash. They believe that they girls drove out from a yard in their neighborhood and onto the street in the path of a Buick SUV. The two seven year old girls were thrown from the ATV into the road near the intersection of Southwest 109th Place and 198th Terrace. Tourniquets were placed on the leg injuries of one of the girls.

After the incident both girls had to be transported and airlifted by multiple helicopters to UF Health Shands Hospital located in Gainesville. An investigation revealed that the girls were not wearing any kind of safety gear at the time of the accident. They also think the woman driving the SUV, who also lives in the same area, may have been speeding when she hit the ATV. There was no additional information regarding whether any citations were issued or if the driver will be charged criminally.
What kind of lawsuit will follow this accident?
Regardless of whether the police charge the driver of the SUV with any crimes or issue her any traffic citations, the family of the two girls who were injured can still file a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident attorney will file a civil negligence case which alleges that the poor driving of the woman in the SUV was the cause of the collision and all related injuries. The four elements of a negligence lawsuit are duty, breach, causation, and damages. In simple terms, this essentially means that someone breached their normal duty of care while driving, and they are responsible for the injuries or property damage related to their mistakes.
How are the damages proven?
Damages are the legal term for the amount of money the person at fault for the accident must pay out to victims. This is very important for victims because they will want to be covered for all of their expenses related to the initial crash.
Lawyers will usually obtain things like medical records, accident reports, and statements from witnesses to determine exactly how much damage was caused by the defendant’s careless driving. In a case like this, if the young girls require ongoing medical treatment, develop long-term health problems, or even emotional trauma, this will be the responsibility of the defendant and their insurance company.
Talk to an accident lawyer as soon as possible
To receive expert advice after any situation involving a motor vehicle accident, it is important to contact the right kind of attorney shortly afterward. There are attorneys in the Ocala area who specialize in helping people in these situations.