What can happen after a hit and run accident in North Palm Beach?

North Palm Beach, FL – When a driver leaves the scene immediately after a collision, there are a number of different things that can happen. Unfortunately, a hit and run accident always leaves the victim in a much more difficult position than if the other driver had followed the law. The reality in Florida is that almost one in four accidents involves a driver who simply leaves the area after causing a collision, even though this is illegal.  

Criminal investigations

Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal misdemeanor in Florida. This means that the suspect can be charged with a crime, arrested, and will face punishments such as fines and jail time. Evidence of their behavior will be used against them in criminal court, and it is possible that the same evidence will be relevant in a civil lawsuit. 

Lawsuits against the driver in civil court

An effective way to make sure the driver who is responsible for the car accident pays for all of the victim’s losses is through a civil lawsuit. The driver will be named as the defendant, and the attorney for the plaintiff will argue that they should have to pay for injuries and medical costs, lost income and wages, pain and suffering, and property repairs. It is likely that the case will settle with an amount that is sufficient for the plaintiff to recover financially. 

Payment through auto insurance policies

It is possible that an auto insurance policy will cover much of the damage caused by a hit and run driver. Each victim should contact their insurance provider, and then ask if hit and run coverage is given through personal injury protection, underinsured motorist coverage, or other aspects of the policy. In most cases, the company will provide options where the driver can pay for this kind of coverage if they are interested. 

If the driver is never found

In situations where the person responsible is never found at all, and cannot be served with a lawsuit, the most likely remedy is that the victim will have to see if they can make an insurance claim and receive compensation. The driver should be sure to contact the police immediately after the collision so that there is a formal report and record of the incident for insurance purposes. The report will also prompt law enforcement to start their investigation. 

Assistance with accident lawsuits

Smith and Vanture is an auto accident and injury firm that works with clients in North Palm Beach and nearby parts of Florida. Their attorneys can provide advice after a hit and run or any other type of motor vehicle accident. 

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