Drunk driving accidents cause all kinds of problems, even for drivers who are off the road and have their cars parked. The good news is that there are a few different ways to get payment for this kind of property damage.
A number of cars were damaged after a drunk driver was involved in multiple minor crashes in Center City Philadelphia.

Drunk driver slams into multiple parked cars before stopping
The suspect was driving an Audi sedan when he hit a taxi, minivan, SUV, and several other parked cars near a hotel between the Market and Chestnut Street intersections on 17th Street. Eventually the suspect’s car became wedged under an SUV and the local police were able to take the driver into custody. The driver was charged with driving under the influence, but there was no other information in the report about the possibility of additional charges or traffic citations. No injuries were reported in the area after this incident.
What happens after accidents involving property damage?
When significant amounts of property damage are involved in a drunk driving accident, the suspect may face multiple lawsuits to attempt to cover all of the various forms of damage in addition to criminal charges. There will usually be a lengthy process between the victims’ attorneys and insurance companies to try to get all of the damage covered. In some cases, the suspect may be personally liable for the damages if the insurance company believes their actions violated the terms of their policy. The good news for the victim is that a subsequent criminal investigation by the police after the accident should prove that the drunk driver was definitely at fault for causing the accident, and this information merely needs to be provided to a lawyer or the insurance company to begin the process of getting paid.
Does my auto insurance cover the damage?
Like many other questions involving legal issues, there is usually no absolute answer as to whether basic auto insurance will definitely cover the property damage. When a parked car is hit, the damage may be covered by an existing insurance policy, but many times the deductibles are too high to cover minor damage to the exterior of a parked car. In these situations, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the driver to hold them personally responsible rather than relying on insurance coverage. There may also be situations where an insurance company is attempting to avoid paying out through various means, and it is always helpful to have the services of an aggressive accident attorney to hold the company accountable. In any of these situations, a lawyer should be able to give a specific course of action for the victim to follow in order to get paid.
Talk to a local attorney in Pennsylvania
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