Burns are one type of injury that are usually associated with various kinds of fires, explosions, chemicals, and hazardous materials. Many lawsuits related to burns also involve issues with employers because certain occupations are especially prone to burn injuries. When victims sustain burn injuries while working, they may be able to hold their employer and others responsible in a lawsuit. The same lawsuit can also provide compensation that will pay for medical treatment, lost wages, and other related problems caused by their burns.

Explosion and fire in Chicago causes severe burns to three victims

An explosion in a cleaning facility in East Chicago left three workers with severe burns and injuries. The building is owned by a company called T.A.C. East and it is located on Gary Road. The explosion occurred at approximately 7:30 am while some employees were working inside. Five people were inside when the combustion happened in a garage area near a boiler room. However, the boilers were still in tact after the explosion and do not seem to be the cause of the incident. Multiple tanks that were being cleaned at the time may have had something to do with the violent blast, but no conclusions had been reached in the immediate aftermath of the fire. The facility routinely cleans tanks which are attached to tractor trailers to transport fuel, oil, and other combustible materials.

Fire officials on the scene were not initially sure what caused the explosion or why it happened based on the preliminary investigation. It took several hours to control and extinguish the blaze, and witnesses said the smoke from the building could be seen from over two miles away. Investigators were confident that they should be able to determine the cause of the accident within a few days.

All three workers that were injured suffered third degree burns, and two of them were injured badly enough to require hospitalization.

Third degree burns and treatment

The victims of this explosion all suffered from third degree burns, which are the most serious category of burn related injuries. While first and second degree burns mostly affect the outer layer of skin and other surface tissues, third degree burns penetrate through the outer layers of skin and leave a blackened or burned appearance around the affected area, while causing damage to deeper body tissues. These kinds of severe injuries can also cause the victim to go into shock and experience blistering or other problems on nearby patches of skin.

Third degree burns will normally require surgeries or skin grafting to repair the affected area, as the skin is totally destroyed and will not return to normal even after a significant time to heal. The skin may also need to be treated with medications to prevent infection and assist with rehydration. Needless to say, if all of these procedures are performed at a hospital or under a doctor’s supervision, they can be very costly and disrupt the victim’s ability to work and function normally.

Why should the victims contact a lawyer after this kind of incident?

Burns are difficult for victims to deal with because they may never heal properly and cause scarring or other related medical issues. The cosmetic appearance of burns is also a great source of stress for victims because they may look disfigured and require several surgeries to maintain a normal appearance. Tort law allows all of these problems to be factored into the damages paid out in a related lawsuit.

What is the value of a severe burn?

The sums of money paid to victims after  lawsuit can factor these problems caused by burns, as well as any need for continued treatment or lost opportunities. Lawyers who deal with personal injuries and other kinds of accidents know how to argue for the greatest possible amount of compensation after their client has sustained severe burns. Keep in mind that the initial medical treatment after a burn may not be the end of the problems that a victim will sustain after this kind of accident, so it is important to document payment for any continuing issues related to the initial burn. Your attorney should be able to coordinate with doctors and other medical professionals to determine the severity of your injuries and the costs associated with treating them. If the victim is unable to work as they had before the accident, their future lost wages may also be the responsibility of the person or entity who caused the burn.

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