What could cause an employee in Nebraska to lose their workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide employees with medical care and compensation after they suffer an injury or illness on-the-job. These benefits aim to provide employees with the benefits they need so they are able to recover quicker and get back to work. When an employee is eligible to receive workers’ compensation insurance and their employer is properly insured, they are usually entitled to medical and cash benefits.


What could cause an employer’s insurer to stop providing benefits to an injured or ill worker?


When an employee is receiving workers’ compensation benefits, certain requirements must be met in order for benefits to continue. When these requirements are not met or an employer determines there was an error on the employee’s claim, their benefits could cease. Here are a few examples of when an employee’s workers’ comp benefits could be taken away:

  • When an employee “unreasonably refuses medical treatment, his or her compensation may be reduced, limited, or suspended” [Source: Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court].
  • The employee switched physicians without first having his/her employer agree to the change.
  • The employee fails to follow through with the care plan that has been provided. This includes missing doctor’s appointments without rescheduling.
  • The employee provided false information on their claim. If an employee begins receiving benefits and it is later determined that false information was provided, he/she could have their benefits terminated. For example, workers’ comp insurance typically won’t cover an accident if an employee was willfully negligent at the time they sustained their injury. Therefore, if an employee fails to disclose this on their claim and their employer later found out, it would likely cause their claim to be closed.
  • If an employee believes he/she is not ready to return to work and refuses to go back even after their physician determined they could return, benefits may stop.
  • The employee refused to take a drug test which may have been a requirement depending on what industry he/she works in.


What can an employee do if they feel their workers’ comp benefits were wrongfully terminated?


If an employee in Nebraska believes their workers’ comp benefits were terminated in error, they can contact Rensch & Rensch Law to find out how they can get them reinstated. In the event their employer or their insurer refuses to provide them with benefits even when they are entitled to them, the team of Nebraska personal injury lawyers at Rensch & Rensch Law can step in and help. For those who recently lost their workers’ comp benefits or had their claim denied, contact Rensch & Rensch Law for a free consultation.


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