What damages are available to a child who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Tampa, Florida?

Children who suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents are generally entitled to recover many of the same damages an adult would receive if they have a valid case against another party. Damages are classified as either economic damages or non-economic damages in personal injury cases. Non-economic damages are paid for non-monetary losses and some of the types a child might be entitled to collect include:


  • Pain and Suffering

If the child’s injuries have caused them to suffer physically or mentally, they may be eligible to receive compensation to make up for their pain and suffering. For example, if a child experiences chronic pain from a leg fracture for several weeks or months, a personal injury lawyer could help their parent place a value on what this pain and suffering is worth.


  • Mental Anguish

Mental anguish refers to mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If a child develops depression because their injuries limit their physical abilities or alter their childhood in a drastic way, or they begin to suffer from PTSD and develop a fear of riding in cars, this should all be calculated in how much a child should receive for mental anguish.


  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If a child suffered such a severe injury that has left them physically or cognitively impaired, it can take a toll on their life. In fact, it could change their life completely. While they may have once been an outgoing and lively child, their injuries may have resulted in them becoming wheelchair-bound and limited in what they can do. When a child experiences such a dramatic change in circumstances, and not for the better, they may be eligible to receive compensation to make up for their loss of enjoyment of life.


Economic Damages Defined


Economic damages, on the other hand, are awarded to cover monetary losses and some of the types a child may be able to recover include:


  • Past and Future Medical Expenses

If a child had to undergo any type of medical treatment after suffering an injury or they are expected to need care in the future, a Tampa, FL personal injury attorney can help them pursue the at-fault party for compensation to cover these expenses.


How does a child collect compensation for the injuries they suffered in a car accident?


Because children under the age of 18 are not permitted to file suit on their own, their parent or legal guardian would need to take legal action on their behalf. If a parent in Tampa is looking to help their child recover the compensation they believe they are due, they can contact The Reyes Firm to receive a case evaluation.

The lawyers at The Reyes Firm can help a parent understand what their legal rights are as well as what laws apply to their child’s case (e.g. statute of limitations). In addition, the FL personal injury lawyers at this firm are also qualified to provide a parent with the legal representation they need to increase their chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in their child’s case.


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