If a driver causes an accident and they are not insured, they will generally have to pay for all the damage caused through their own financial resources. On top of that, they also risk the chance of being sued by other parties who were involved in the accident.
Having insurance is actually a requirement in Florida, and if a person is caught without it they may be subject to paying additional fines on top of the physical damages they have to pay for. Every driver is required by the law to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP). If they do not have this insurance, they will most likely find themselves in a lot of financial trouble if they manage to get themselves into an accident.
Unfortunately buying car insurance the day after or even the hour after one gets into an accident is not going to make any difference. In order to shift the financial responsibility over to the insurance company, a person needs to be insured prior to the accident.
The good news is that if a person was not insured and they got into an accident which was mostly due to the fault of the other driver, they can still have their damages covered by the insurance company of the other driver. However, it is very possible that the amount of financial compensation they receive may be limited as a penalty for not having insurance.
Florida is a no-fault state, which means that no matter who was more at fault during an accident, a person will generally always collect at least 80% of the damages from their own insurance company as opposed to claiming the other driver’s insurance. A lawyer can help a person determine what steps a person can take if they are uninsured and they get into an accident in Florida.
If the other driver is not insured, a person can sue the driver and demand to be financially compensated for their losses. However, if the other driver is not very well-off-which is often the case- the chances of receiving this compensation are actually very low. If the other driver was performing a work duty when the accident occurred, it may be possible to hold the insurance company of their employer responsible depending on the situation.

What are the consequences of not being insured?

Apart from lacking financial support in case of an accident, a person can also have their license or even their vehicle suspended if they are caught driving without insurance. A person should get in touch with an accident lawyer in Daytona Beach, Florida in order to get advice on what steps they can take in order to reduce their penalties and get some sort of financial aid to help them pay for the damages which occurred due to the accident.
An accident lawyer can help a person figure out if they are eligible for claiming the other driver’s insurance and can even assist a driver in finding a proper insurance company in case of any future accidents they may get into.