What do police do when they arrive at an accident scene in Live Oak?

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Live Oak, FL – Accidents should be reported to the proper authorities for a number of different reasons. This is required by law after certain accidents, there may be people who need medical attention and other kinds of help, and the police will investigate and make a report that can be crucial in insurance claims and lawsuits. After the accident scene is cleared, the people involved may also want to speak with a lawyer and see if it is necessary to file a lawsuit or take other actions to protect their interests. 

Making contact with the people involved

Officers will attempt to obtain basic information about the drivers and any vehicles involved. This can include identifying information from the vehicles, the names of the drivers, and getting witness statements from them regarding how the accident happened. As they make contact with each person, they can also determine whether each individual will need any kind of medical attention if emergency workers are not already on the scene. 

Third parties

It can be helpful if people other than the drivers or people involved in the incident were present in the area. If there were bystanders who saw the accident, information from them can be important as well. These people usually have objective accounts and a good perspective regarding how the people involved behaved before the crash and what actually happened. These accounts tend to be less biased if the bystanders have no interest in the outcome of the situation, and they can be important for use in the report and investigation at a later time. 

Looking for criminal activity and other offenses

Some accident investigations may have extra steps if there is a suspicion of a crime or other violations that caused the accident. This can include a drunk driving investigation, collecting evidence if vehicular homicide is suspected, or evidence of illegal acts such as drug trafficking are discovered in one of the cars. Police do make arrests based on what they find at an accident scene at these times. If there are non-criminal traffic violations such as speeding or going through red lights that are relevant to the investigation, the offending person may be ticketed as well. 

Assistance from an accident attorney in Live Oak

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