Top 10 Procedures You Need to Observe following an Accident

If you happen to be involved in any sort of vehicle accident, there are several steps you should take to safeguard yourself along with your legal interests. The following is a summary of the top ten things you need to do when you are in a vehicle accident:
1 . STOP.  By no means drive off from the site of an automobile accident, even a minor one.
2 . SAFEGUARDTHE SCENE.  You can avoid additional crashes by staging flares, or keeping your flashers on.  If it is nighttime and your lights do not function, you should have a flashlight to make sure you keep protected while you sit tight in your disabled vehicle or by the side of the road.
3 . PHONE LAW ENFORCEMENT.  Even when there are no significant injuries, it is be recommended that you contact the law enforcement officials.  You might need a police report to make a claim with the insurance provider, even if it is simply to render a claim for damage to your automobile.  The motor vehicles associated with the incident  should stay where they are, unless of course they interrupt traffic.
4 . CREATE A PRECISE REPORT.  Once the cops arrive, be sure you explain to the investigating officer(s) precisely what occurred, to the best of your ability.  Should you not be familiar with certain facts, inform that to the police officer.  You should not speculate, presume or misstate any of the details.  In case you are asked if you are hurt and you are uncertain, say you are unsure, instead of no.   Generally, the pain and ailments from automotive accidents manifested themselves several hours after the actual incident.  It’s also wise to make certain that statements expressed by other individuals involved with the accident are accurate as well.
5 . TAKE PHOTOS.  If you happen to possess a camera in your car, or a mobile phone that includes a digital camera, you should take photographs of the cars or trucks when there is detectable damage.  For those who have observable injuries, you need to photograph all of those as well.  However, you should under no circumstances interfere with the on-going police investigation.  In the event you cannot take pictures at the location of the accident, take them as quickly as possible after the incident.
6 . EXCHANGE INFORMATION.  Usually, the investigating police officer obtains the information needed.  Nevertheless, in the event that the law enforcement do not respond to the accident, you need to acquire the name, residence address and contact number of all individuals associated with the accident, drivers and passengers alike.  It is important to gather information regarding insurance coverage by requesting to  check the insurance card for any vehicles involved in the collision. When there are witnesses, it is advisable to obtain contact information from them as well so that you or perhaps your lawyer may make contact with them.  If law enforcement responds to the car accident, the examining police officer generally provides all of the motorists with a police report number.  You can utilize that number later on to attain the police report. When the crash happens on a state highway, you have to request the report from the state authorities .
7 . RECORD THE COLLISION.  Inform your current insurance carrier immediately.  Most insurance policies require immediate reporting and also complete cooperation. Check to see if you have healthcare benefits included in your insurance plan.  You have to pay additional for that kind of insurance coverage, which means you should utilize it. This type of coverage is called Medpay.  In fact, for those who have Medpay protection, you are required to submit your accident-related medical expenses to your insurance provider.  Medpay insurance coverage is primarily for accident-related medical costs.  When Medpay health benefits are depleted, your personal medical insurance will become your primary medical insurance provider.  Medpay benefits are designed for all of the the occupants of the motor vehicle.  The insurance premiums should not increase on account of submitting claims for Medpay protection.
8.  GET MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Frequently, injuries as a result of automobile accidents are not instantly obvious.  Many of our clientele report beginning to feel the most soreness a day or even two following a vehicle accident.  Except when you are completely certain you were not hurt, it is best to seek out medical attention at any nearby emergency room or by consulting your family medical doctor.  Even with crashes that involved minor impact, it is possible to sustain a severe and permanent  damage to your spinal cord.  In the event you lost consciousness or were dazed for even a brief amount of time following the impact, you might have sustained a concussion or perhaps a closed brain injury.  This could result in cognitive and behavioral transformations if not treated.
9.  MAINTAIN THAT REPORT.  Always keep all of your accident-related information and  material all together.  These records should contain a claim number, the claims adjuster that is dealing with the claim and their contact info, names and telephone numbers of all personal contacts, invoices for a rental car as well as other expenditures incurred as a consequence of the accident .
10. PROTECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.  Possibly the most critical thing you should do after any sort of accident would be to seek advice from your attorney. The legal adviser  will protect your legal rights thereby making certain useful evidence is not compromised. Usually, insurance agencies wish to obtain statements soon after an automobile accident.  It is essential that you have obtained legal guidance before giving such a statement.  The lawyer may inform you on issues which range from steps to make  certain you are completely reimbursed for your automobile, to making sure you are attaining the best medical care offered.  Personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee structure, meaning you do not have any legal bill unless the lawyer recovers compensation for your accidental injuries.
It is highly recommended that you hire legal representation immediately after a car accident in the event that any of the following relate to you:

• 1 or more individuals were injured or killed,
• Multiple parties were involved,
• One or more individuals were uninsured,
• Police report does not match the occurrence.
When you’ve become hurt in an car accident, an attorney can assist you in acquiring a reasonable settlement.
In the event that you’ve been injured in an automobile collision, don’t attempt to deal with the insurance carriers on your own.  The insurance companies mission will be to be sure you gain as small as possible for your automobile and any kind of accidental injuries experienced from the collision.
It is possible to settle your own case, however it’s extremely probable you’ll  underestimate your claim in comparison to what a lawyer may attain on your behalf.
Although you possess a legal right to negotiate your own case, take into account that an insurance vendor will desire to pay out as little as possible.  Legal representation will assist in several ways to secure the best possible settlement.
Are there any up-front fees or payments for using the services of an car injury attorney?’s Law Firms charge customers absolutely no up-front money, but rather functions on a contingency fee basis.  Which means in the event that the firm is unable to settle a case, it’s compensated nothing at all.  And when it does settle a case, the firm is paid out only from a portion of the total recovery or settlement, and absolutely nothing from a client’s own personal pocket.  You will by no means be writing the law firm a check.
What exactly are law firm contingency service fees?
In regarding just how much is a contingency payment, the majority of attorneys, charge 33⅓ % of the gross settlement when a case is resolved without a personal injury suit. In the event a court action needs to be filed, the service charge usually would go to 40%. But the majority of cases are resolved away from the court, without any lawsuit required.  Furthermore, most attorneys won’t file a court action without a client’s authorization.
Precisely what does this mean in dollars and cents?
If your current law firm negotiates a $60,000 settlement of your claim from an insurance provider, you get two-thirds of that total, or $40,000, whilst the law firm receives one-third, or $20,000.  But, from that two-thirds sum, your personal hospital debts are paid out, but you still keep the balance.
Just how do settlements for accidents work?
Settlements are paid out of the insurance company’s checkbook and typically in a lump sum payment.  Insurers don’t assign different quantities for different matters, similar to what a jury might do.  Insurers pay out just one sum total.
Outside of that sum of money will come an auto wreck attorney’s payment and  repayments for health care expenditures.  For specific things like forfeited paychecks as well as pain and suffering, the remainder would go to the person being treated.
Could you retain the services of an accident attorney even when you’re to blame? 
Sure you could. However crucial points might apply, for example whether or not fault was shared in the accident.
If perhaps the other motorist was partially to blame, this individual needs to be more than 50% accountable for you to collect anything.
Which implies had you been established to be 40% at fault, along with the additional motorist was 60% to blame, you’d be given 60% of your claim.   However if you had been considered greater than 50% in the wrong, you’d  receive absolutely nothing.
Take into account that even if you were given a traffic ticket that does not necessarily mean you were legally to blame.
When it’s a swearing match, for instance; somebody states green light, but you state red light, an important part of the attorney’s responsibility would be to dispute that it wasn’t your wrong doing.
Having said that, a police report which turns out against you could tip the scales greatly with an insurance adjuster, who might seek to reject or even underpay the claim.
Is it possible to sue an insurance company without an attorney?
You can, but bear in mind it’s not advisable.  We don’t believe a layman would know the guidelines of evidence, and also we would certainly highly advise against it.
The court will certainly expect someone to be familiar with the rules and processes, and the other side is going to take advantage of you.
Attorneys go to law school for 3 years in order to learn the fundamentals of the law.  Someone without any proper legal instruction will probably get slaughtered.  You will need an accident law firm to represent you.
Yearly USA Road Accident Figures

  • Over 37,000 individualsperish in road crashes
  • Another35 million are seriously injuredor crippled.
  • Over 1,600 kidsunder 15 years of age die
  • Practically8,000 persons are killed in crashes that involved motorists ages 16-20.
  • Road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion each year, or approximately$820 per person.

Road crashes are the single greatest yearly reason for loss of life of healthy U.S. residents traveling in foreign countries.