Greenville, SC – All drivers are at risk of being hurt by those who choose to get in their cars while they are drunk. Victims have the option of bringing a civil lawsuit, regardless of what happens with the driver’s criminal case. An injury lawsuit is the best way for the victim to try to receive enough compensation to cover their medical costs and property repairs. The victim may be compensated even if the driver’s charges for drunk driving are reduced or dismissed in criminal court. 

Report the incident immediately

Right after the accident, the driver should call the police or 911 if there are injuries. This will cause law enforcement to arrive on the scene and start their investigation along with the process to create an accident report. The police should also be notified if the driver appears to be intoxicated, so that they can determine whether it is necessary to make an arrest. The person responsible is most likely to be prosecuted and convicted if the police can arrive on the scene quickly and observe the driver’s demeanor. 

After the situation is secure and the driver is safe, they should also notify their insurance company and start the process to file a claim. If the accident only resulted in property damage, the insurance process may be sufficient to resolve the situation. 

Seeking medical attention

It is necessary for the victim to start to get treatment in order to have a record of their injuries, as well as the costs that will be associated with recovery. Things like hospital and doctor bills, invoices for treatment, and estimates of a course of care are helpful for an injury attorney to use when they need to prove their client’s economic losses during the course of a lawsuit. 

Speaking with an accident attorney

Some attorneys who focus their efforts on helping accident victims have extensive experience with the process to receive compensation through a settlement or after a trial. After an initial consultation where the lawyer explains the process of an injury lawsuit, the victim should have an idea regarding how long their case will take to complete, their potential amount of compensation, and any additional information that they may need to provide to the lawyer. In some cases, things like additional doctor visits or attending a deposition at a law office may be necessary during the course of the litigation. 

Legal help in the Greenville area

There are local attorneys who can help anyone who has been injured by an intoxicated driver in South Carolina. Brian T. Smith Law Offices is a firm that works on behalf of injured clients to get compensation for them. 

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