What does nursing home abuse look like?

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Rochester, NY—Nursing home abuse takes many forms and affects a large percentage of the people living in these facilities. Most residents are reliant on staff to help them with the simplest tasks, including bathing them and helping them get in and out of bed.

Caring for nursing home residents has proven to be challenging which is why individuals must undergo certain training before they are hired to do the job. Unfortunately, some enter the field unaware of the tasks they are required to perform or without receiving the proper training. These factors alone can make it difficult and frustrating for a person to carry out their duties.

While most are able to handle the pressure, others fold and take their frustrations out on the very people who are relying on them for help and support. While some resort to physically abusing the residents they are assigned to care for, others use emotional abuse or neglect as a way to retaliate against them.


Signs of abuse


A friend or family member of a nursing home resident can spot signs of abuse by observing their relative’s behavior and surveying their physical condition. If an individual witnesses any of the following signs while visiting with their loved one, it may be time to bring this to a nurse’s attention and possibly even a Rochester, NY personal injury lawyer:

  • Unexplained injuries. Nursing home residents are fragile and tend to injure easily. While accidents can and do happen, if a resident suffered an injury that cannot be explained by staffers, this could be a sign of abuse and shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Falls. If a nursing home resident is susceptible to falling, there should be a staffer available to assist them at all times, whether they need help getting out of bed or walking to the restroom. If a resident falls as a result of no one around to assist them, there is a chance they are being neglected.
  • Bedsores. Bedsores often develop when a resident is left in the same position for an extended period of time. If an individual develops a bedsore and it is left untreated, it will worsen over time and could potentially lead to more serious health issues.
  • An abrupt change in behavior. If a friend or family member displays an abrupt change in behavior and there is no explanation for this, they might want to look further into the matter to find out why.

Holding a New York facility home accountable for nursing home abuse


If someone believes their loved one is being abused by nursing home staffers, they are encouraged to contact Stanley Law to find out how they should address the situation. The Rochester, NY personal injury lawyers at Stanley Law can help a family understand the options that are available to them, including what forms of legal action they can take against the facility.


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