What happens during a car accident investigation in Brusly?

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Brusly, LA – When people are involved in an accident, they are supposed to contact the police if there are injuries or serious property damage. The police have special groups of officers with experience in motor vehicle collisions and traffic laws to investigate these situations. Much of what they find may become important at a later time when the insurance process happens, or people involved start to sue each other

Speaking with witnesses

Some of the most valuable information about how a crash happened can come from the drivers, passengers in the cars, and anyone who happened to be nearby. The police officers can use testimony along with other pieces of information to try to get an accurate idea of what led to the crash. If there are conflicts in the testimony, they can try to get an objective understanding of what each person saw and how their perspectives may have been different. It is also possible that witnesses would be called in to testify in court if a trial is necessary. 

Police procedures for gathering info

The police often have a standard method for collecting all relevant, objective information about the crash to document each accident. The officers will have to make contact with everyone involved, document the location, time and place of the crash, and the positions of the vehicles. The report that they generate will also show specific damage to each vehicle involved, which is often used by insurance companies for verification purposes. 

Traffic violations

When police arrive at the scene, it is possible that one or more drivers may have broken the law. This can include offenses such as drunk driving, speeding, going through stop lights, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving. If a driver is given a citation and found to be at fault for the crash, it is likely that they would also be found negligent if there is a lawsuit or insurance claims related to the car accident. In this sense, traffic citations can become an important piece of evidence for determining who is responsible for the losses. 

Accident reconstructions

In large or more serious accidents, especially those involving commercial vehicles, it is possible that special accident reconstructions may be done to see exactly how the crash happened. This can be a time consuming and expensive process, but special agencies such as the National Transportation Safety Board have dedicated resources for investigating the most serious collisions.   

Help from local accident attorneys

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