What happens if a doctor incorrectly documents injuries after a slip and fall accident in Florida?

Lake City, FL—Slip and fall accident victims who seek medical attention following an incident need to be sure their treating doctor documents their injuries exactly how they are. If an individual’s injuries are documented incorrectly, it could interfere with their ability to recover compensation for things like pain and suffering, medical expenses, and more.


Why Medical Notes Are So Important in Slip and Fall Cases


The notes a doctor takes during a visit with a slip and fall accident victim will play a large role in determining how much they should receive for their injuries, if anything. A physician’s notes should include the type(s) of injury that was sustained, how severe it is, and the level of pain it causes the patient to experience.

The reason a doctor’s notes are so important in a slip and fall case is if the patient decides to file an insurance claim with the property owner’s insurer or even file a personal injury lawsuit, the insurer and/or a judge will want to see medical notes. The fact is, before an insurance company will pay a slip and fall victim anything, they need to be sure injuries were suffered and that the injuries the individual sustained were actually caused by the fall itself.

Judges who oversee personal injury cases also use medical notes when deciding if an accident victim is entitled to any compensation, and if so, how much.


When a Doctor’s Notes Contain Inaccurate Information


If a slip and fall victim believes their doctor made a mistake when documenting their injuries or the severity of them, it is important that the notes get corrected as soon as possible. When an insurance company assesses a victim’s claim to determine how much they should receive, they are going to use the doctor’s notes among other things to do this.

If an individual wants their claim valued properly, the notes their physician provided to any liable parties need to contain accurate information. Otherwise, the insurance company might not believe the injured party needs the medical care they claim they do or reimbursement for lost wages.

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