What happens if a truck driver in Louisiana causes a crash as a result of carrying an oversized load?

Metairie, LA—If a trucking company needs to transport an oversized load (i.e. a load that exceeds state and federal weight limitations), the company is generally required to obtain an oversize or overweight permit from the Department of Transportation and Development’s Truck Permit Office. The fact is, carrying a load that exceeds weight limitations is risky as one or more of the vehicle’s tires could blow out or the truck may not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident.

When a trucking company obtains an oversize permit, they are accepting liability for all damages which means the State of Louisiana nor the Department of Transportation and Development can be held accountable for any incident that occurs.1 While many trucking companies are granted permits to carry oversized loads, not all qualify to receive one.


Recovering Compensation After a Truck Collision Caused by an Oversized Load


Because trucking companies accept all liability if they allow their vehicles to operate with an oversized load permit, it is the company that can be sued for compensation. Generally, before an individual can file suit against a trucking company in an effort to recover damages, they will need to file an insurance claim with the company’s carrier.

Trucking companies that operate large trucks such as tractor-trailers and semis are required to purchase insurance policies with high limits and therefore, an injured party might be able to recover the compensation they are due solely by filing an insurance claim. In the event insurance limits are exhausted or the trucking company’s carrier doesn’t want to cover a victim’s claim, then that is when they would need to discuss with a Metairie, LA accident lawyer whether they should file a civil lawsuit against the company.


Why should an individual hire a Metairie, LA accident attorney following a wreck with a large truck?


Many of the truck crashes that transpire in Louisiana often end with one or more parties sustaining severe and life-changing injuries. Sometimes, these injuries interfere with a person’s physical and cognitive abilities while other times, it impacts their ability to work.

Because accident lawyers are aware of how costly it can be to treat a truck accident victim’s injuries as well as how they can impact an individual’s personal and professional life, they will fight for the maximum amount of compensation a victim is due. Therefore, if a truck accident victim is looking to recover compensation for things like pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and more, an accident lawyer will help them pursue the insurance carrier along with any other parties for the money they are entitled to.


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