By law, all drivers are required to remain at the scene of the collision after they get into an accident. Though most people already know they are not allowed to leave the area where the accident occurred until officers arrive and the proper information is exchanged between parties, some individuals still opt to leave the scene of the accident because they think they might be able to avoid legal penalization. Drunk drivers and drivers who don’t have insurance often flee the scene of the collision out of fear of confronting authorities.

If you have gotten into a serious accident in Jackson, Mississippi, you must remain at the location where the collision took place because you need to give your contact and driving information to the other driver and you need to be present when officers come to investigate the scene of the crime.

Even if the accident was your fault, or if you were drunk driving, it is still better to stay at the scene then to attempt to flee. If you leave the scene, there are enough traffic cameras and there are usually enough witnesses for the officers to quickly find you and when they do, you will be fined with an even more severe penalty then what you would have originally been subjected to. No matter how scared and confused you feel after an accident, you should always take a deep breath and stay put until the authorities have arrived.

Fines for a hit-and-run crime can range from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $5000 depending on the details of the case. Drivers may also face from 30 days up to 1 year of jail time for their irresponsible behavior. If the accident resulted in a death or a serious injury and you drive away, then you can face fines of $1000 to $10,000 and 5 to 20 years in prison. Alongside the fines and imprisonment, you can also have your license revoked.

Laws regarding leaving the scene of a car accident in Jackson, Mississippi

Many laws are in place regarding the importance of staying at the scene of the collision. The reason these laws are in place is to make sure that any injured individual can get the required compensation to help them pay their medical bills and that is why they are enforced so strictly.

According to Mississippi law, drivers must stop, move their vehicles to a safe place, and exchange their contact information with each other. Contact information includes the names, addresses, license, and vehicle registration number.

If someone has been hurt in the accident, you are required to get that individual the medical help they need. Whichever driver is able-bodied must contact the ambulance and get the driver’s and passenger’s immediate medical attention. If the ambulance is not called right away, there are chances that a person could suffer permanent injuries or even lose their life, so it is the responsibility of the drivers to make sure this is taken care of immediately.

If you have made the mistake of running from the scene of the collision, you will need the help of a lawyer to defend you against the legal penalties laid on you by officers and the victims of the accident.

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