What happens when a driver in Live Oak is partially responsible for their own injuries?

Live Oak, FL – When one driver wants to sue another who caused harm to them during an accident, this is done by filing a negligence lawsuit. However, depending on the jurisdiction, drivers who are found to be partially at fault cannot connect any money. Florida is a state that does allow drivers with partial fault to sue, but there is a special set of rules called comparative negligence that applies to these kinds of civil cases.  

There are attorneys near me in Live Oak who can give a more thorough explanation of these issues and more specific advice after an accident, including whether it is recommended to bring a lawsuit. 

Comparative negligence laws

Negligence cases are common in many civil actions, including most lawsuits related to car crashes. This basically means that one of the drivers was not careful enough and caused harm to the victim. However, this becomes more complex when the plaintiff in the lawsuit is found to be somewhat or mostly at fault for their own losses. Various states use either comparative or contributory negligence principles to decide what happens at this time and whether the plaintiff can be compensated. 

Florida uses a system of comparative negligence that is favorable to those who want to bring accident lawsuits, yet are partially to blame for their own injuries. Anyone who is found to be negligent under this system will have their damages reduced in accordance with the amount of negligence found by the jury, yet that can still file the case and collect money from the plaintiff. This means that a driver who is only slightly at fault and brings a case will still receive most of their damages, whereas someone who is mostly at fault should get advice to decide whether it will be beneficial to bring a case. 

Settlement negotiations

While these negligence rules are a part of what will happen when the jury is instructed to declare a verdict in a civil trial, they can also be relevant in settlement negotiations, as most cases will end up with a settlement being reached. The attorneys can do things like estimate the amount of damages that would be available after an accident trial, and use that during negotiations. 

Advice about injury lawsuits in Live Oak

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