Personal Injury Terms Accident Victims in West Virginia Need to be Aware Of

While filing a lawsuit over the injuries that were suffered in a car accident might seem scary, the truth is, the process is much easier to get through when an individual is represented by a Daytona Beach, FL personal injury lawyer.

While some are worried about presenting their case to a judge, others are afraid of how the other party might respond to their personal injury lawsuit. Despite the worry and fear a person might feel, if they have a valid case, they shouldn’t be scared to fight for the compensation they are due. And thankfully, if an individual chooses to hire a personal injury lawyer in Daytona Beach to help them with their case, they will handle the bulk of the work, including speaking before a judge and discussing the case with the at-fault party.


Courtrooms Can be Intimidating, But Not All Personal Injury Cases Go to Court


If an individual is worried about having to go to court after filing a personal injury lawsuit, they should know that not all cases make it to the courtroom. The fact is, once a person files a lawsuit against another party, in this case, a negligent motorist, that individual is notified of the legal action that is being taken against them and is given the opportunity to respond.

They can either agree to what they are being accused of and pay the victim what they are seeking or take the case to court.

Here’s how both of those scenarios might play out.


Settling a Personal Injury Case Outside of the Courtroom


A personal injury case can be settled outside of the courtroom if both parties involved are willing to reach some sort of agreement. For example, if an injured party is seeking $30,000 in damages for accident-related expenses and the other party can only pay $25,000, they might agree to accept the $25,000 and close the case. When a case is settled outside of the courtroom, there is no need for a trial.


Settling a Case With the Help of the Court


In the event the parties involved cannot reach an agreement, maybe it is because the at-fault party is not offering enough, then the case would likely go to trial. During this time, the parties involved would be given the opportunity to present their side to the court and a judge and/or jury would make the final ruling on the matter.


Why hire a personal injury attorney after a car crash in Daytona Beach, FL?


In addition to helping an accident victim get their personal injury lawsuit filed, they will also assist with getting their case settled should they want to avoid court. To learn more about the benefits of retaining a personal injury lawyer in Daytona Beach, FL after a collision, contact Pappas and Russell, P.A. at 386-254-2941.


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