What types of damages are awarded in wrongful death cases in Florida?

Phoenix, AZ – There are a number of different types of harm that victims endure which will result in civil lawsuits at later times. Tort law is the broad term for a number of different types of civil cases where the plaintiff sues the defendant for causing some kind of physical or financial damage. A lawyer can provide more specific advice about which area of tort law is relevant to any given accident, but if it is a motor vehicle case, it will almost always be a negligence case. 

Types of tort cases

There are intentional torts that are mostly related to a person being sued for hurting a person or destroying property with an intent element. However, because most lawsuits related to car accidents are caused by carelessness and mistakes rather than specific intent, negligence doctrines become a large part of auto accident cases in tort law. Various other torts related to public and private nuisance, emotional distress, and hazardous activities exist, but they are almost never used in car accident cases. Products liability is another type of tort lawsuit that may occasionally be used when defective vehicles or parts cause accidents. 

Data for car accidents

Thousands of car accident injuries and fatalities occur in the United States each year. When compared with other legal needs such as real estate, criminal representation, and family law, it is highly likely that a person will need legal services for a motor vehicle accident at some point in their life rather than for any other reason. 

Legal action related to motor vehicle crashes makes up approximately sixty percent of lawsuits brought in the United States each year. This implies that tort law is one of the most commonly used aspects of the legal system. About two thirds of all plaintiffs who bring car accident lawsuits win some kind of compensation through a settlement or trial, but most cases will settle due to the additional time, expense, and risk of a full jury trial.

How an accident tort becomes a lawsuit

After a person is involved in a collision, they can report the situation to their insurance company and talk with a local injury lawyer as well. If there is an agreement on representation based on the information surrounding the accident, the lawyer will file a complaint in court against the person responsible that starts the case. The plaintiff and the defendant will receive notices and begin to exchange relevant evidence from the crash scene and medical treatment. At some point, these parts will either decide that a settlement is necessary to end the case, or that they should set a trial date to argue the matter in front of a jury. 

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