What is a fair amount to accept for pain and suffering after a car accident in Metairie, LA?

What is a fair amount to accept for pain and suffering after a car accident in Metairie, LA?

Many individuals are often awarded compensation for their pain and suffering following the occurrence of a car accident. Pain and suffering refers to the physical pain and individual experiences as a result of the injuries they suffered along with the suffering they might experience as a result of having to undergo surgery, attend physical therapy, or miss out on engaging in some of the things they once took pleasure in. Pain and suffering is an example of a non-economic damage and tends to be one of the more difficult ones to value.


So, how much are car accident victims being awarded for their pain and suffering?


The answer actually varies by case. Generally, the more serious a car accident victim’s injuries are, the more they are likely to recover for their pain and suffering. Take someone who suffered a complete spinal cord injury. When a person suffers a complete spinal cord injury, it means they lose all of their motor and sensory function below the injury site, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

A complete spinal cord injury may not only impact a person’s ability to walk, but it could also cause them to suffer a loss of bowel or bladder control, cause them to experience pain or intense tingling, or it could impact their ability to have children.1 With symptoms like these, it is likely a victim could recover a substantial amount for their pain and suffering so as long as they can prove another party’s negligence is what led to them sustaining the injury.


Other Types of Injuries That Often Yield a Higher Payout


In addition to spinal cord injuries, there are a few other types of injuries that may yield a higher payout. These include:


  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

A TBI is a serious injury that carries both long and short-term effects. TBIs are known to interfere with a person’s physical and cognitive abilities and depending on how serious the injury is, a car accident victim might never regain certain abilities as a result of suffering a TBI.


  • Fractures

Although fractures can heal with the right type of treatment, it doesn’t mean a victim can’t experience pain or discomfort later on. In fact, depending on how severe a fracture is, an individual might find that they can no longer engage in certain activities they once enjoyed or profited from.


  • Internal Injuries

Internal injuries can lead to serious complications and the development of other conditions that can make the recovery process more difficult for a victim to get through.


How to recover the maximum amount for pain and suffering?


If a car accident victim is looking to recover the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to for pain and suffering, it is recommended that they hire a Metairie, LA car accident lawyer. An attorney will first determine if an accident victim is entitled to receive compensation for their pain and suffering and then take the necessary steps to obtain it from all the liable parties.

If an accident victim would like to receive a case evaluation and find out how much they might be entitled to collect for their pain and suffering, they can contact Walker Daly LLP. The Metairie, LA car accident lawyers at Walker Daly LLP are aware of the impact a car crash can have on a victim and their family which is why they dedicate themselves to protecting the rights of those who have been injured in collisions.


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