What is a reasonable amount to ask for after being hit by a semi-truck in Bergen County, New Jersey?

A common question many truck accident victims often have after a collision is how much compensation they should ask for from the party who hit them. The answer heavily depends on how serious their injuries are and how they have impacted their life after the accident. If an individual is looking to receive an accurate value for their semi-truck accident case, their best bet would be to contact a truck accident lawyer in Bergen County, NJ.


Factors that Can Be Used to Value a Semi-Truck Accident Case


Before a victim can decide how much compensation to ask for from the at-fault party, there are a number of things they are going to want to take into consideration. This includes:


  1. The types of injuries they suffered along with how severe they are.

An individual’s injuries will play a large role in determining how much they should seek from the at-fault party. Generally, the more serious an injury is, the more money the victim is likely to ask for. For example, someone who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) who can no longer work or care for themselves would more than likely ask for more compensation than someone who suffered a leg fracture that is expected to heal.

In addition to the type of injury an individual suffered, they should also take into account how their injuries impact their life. Some guiding questions that can be used to decide this are shared down below:

  • Does the victim now suffer from a physical or cognitive impairment? Are they able to process information the way they once could?
  • Has the victim’s productivity level declined as a result of their injuries?
  • Can the victim work?
  • Did the victim have to quit their job or seek employment elsewhere because they could no longer perform the duties they were once able to do?
  • Did the victim undergo medical treatment, surgery, etc.? How much did this cost?
  • Will the victim need on-going medical care?
  • Does the victim’s injuries interfere with their marriage or relationship?
  • Can the victim care for themselves or do they need help with common tasks?


In addition to determining how a victim’s injuries impact their life and livelihood, they will also want to take into account any other losses they suffered as a result of the accident.


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