What is an occupational disease?

What is an occupational disease?

Pinecrest, FL—When a person is diagnosed with a specific type of disease that was caused by the type of work they do, this can be classified as an occupational disease. Some examples of occupations diseases include1:

  • Heart or lung disease. Firefighters may develop heart or lung disease due to the conditions they are required to work under.
  • Hepatis or tuberculosis. A nurse might develop tuberculosis or hepatitis as a result of being exposed to these diseases.
  • Pneumoconiosis or silicosis. Anyone who is required to work around coal dust is at risk of developing pneumoconiosis or silicosis, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.
  • Chemical poisoning. Jobs that require employees to come in direct contact with chemicals are at a high risk of developing chemical poisoning.


If an employee in Pinecrest, FL was diagnosed with an occupational disease, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. While most associate workers’ comp with work-related injuries, the Florida workers’ compensation system also allows employees to seek benefits for work-related illnesses.

If an employee was diagnosed with an occupational illness and they would like to receive medical benefits and possibly even wage replacement benefits, they will need to notify their employer of their illness within 30 days from finding out. According to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation, if an employee waits longer than 30 days to notify their employer that they suffered a work-related illness or injury, their claim could be denied.


Can a worker sue their employer in Florida over an occupational disease?


In most cases, employees lose their right to sue their employer when workers’ compensation benefits are made available to them. However, a worker shouldn’t assume that they do not have the grounds to sue their employer over an occupational disease they developed. Instead, they should discuss their situation with a Pinecrest workers’ comp lawyer.


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Many of the occupational diseases employees are diagnosed with are known to have a dramatic effect on their overall health. While some conditions are treatable, many are uncurable, leaving individuals having to spend the remainder of their lives suffering from symptoms and needing medical treatment.

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