Las Vegas, NV – Motor vehicle accidents cause various types of losses such as property damage and harm to individuals. A common term that is used to refer to the type of injuries that people sustain during a collision is bodily injury. This term is often said in relation to insurance policies and injury lawsuits, however the context can be important for a number of reasons. When a victim has serious costs associated with their bodily injuries, they can bring a lawsuit to force the person or business responsible to pay for their treatment. 

Types of bodily injuries associated with car accidents

Some common types of bodily injuries that occur during car accidents include burns on the skin, damage to the neck, back, and spine areas, and tearing of ligaments. It is also common for victims to sustain broken or fractured bones that can take months to heal and cause the victim to miss time from work. All of these losses can quickly cause the price tag attached to an accident to increase dramatically. 

Insurance to cover bodily injuries

Most commercial insurance policies will include liability coverage for several thousand dollars worth of bodily injuries if the driver is sued. However, it is also possible that the driver’s coverage will be insufficient, and they will not be able to cover all of the damage that they caused through their insurance. Sometimes, a driver can be personally liable for these costs, even if they had relevant auto insurance to cover some of the damage that they caused. 

Damages related to bodily injuries

A victim can ask for various types of damages from the defendant in a lawsuit after sustaining injuries. The amount associated with their bodily injuries is usually proven through things like medical records and other documentation associated with treatment costs. If the effects on the victim’s quality of life are serious enough, they may be able to also ask for non-economic damages associated with their physical pain and mental trauma caused by their injuries. 

Settlements for injury cases

Most injury lawsuits will end with a settlement agreement. This means that both parties have exchanged enough information, and they can come to terms that will satisfy the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as pay for a satisfactory amount of the victim’s losses. Settlements also tend to be more cost effective than a trial, and save time. 

Local assistance with personal injury cases in Nevada

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