What is the average time for a car accident settlement in Denver?

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Denver, CO – When you’re injured in a serious car accident, you’ll probably need a lot of money and you’ll need it rather fast. How long will the settlement take is one of the main questions accident victims have. 

Experienced Denver car accident lawyers say that reaching a settlement may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Or make that one year. It depends on the complexity of the case, the severity of the injuries, and who was responsible for the crash. If both drivers were somewhat at fault, this can lead to a long and acrimonious battle, with the parties blaming each other.

However, seasoned Colorado accident lawyers often warn their clients that the time it will take to settle the claim is less important than getting full compensation. People who rush into a settlement may end up losing a lot of money. Accident victims need to understand that once they’ve reached an agreement and signed the papers they won’t be able to go back and ask for more money. 

Overview of the car accident settlement process

When you’re injured in a car accident in the Denver area, you must notify your insurer right away. Your monetary compensation will come from the other driver’s insurance provider, but your own insurer must also be aware of the situation. 

If you want to get your money quickly, you should seek help from knowledgeable accident lawyers, before you make a claim. Your attorneys can help you gather the required evidence and, most importantly, they can tell you how much your claim is worth.

Never file a claim without knowing how much money you want. The insurance adjuster may suggest a figure and promise you a quick settlement. Never agree to a quick offer!

Let your lawyers determine how much your claim is worth and negotiate with the insurance company.

Rushing into a settlement is a bad idea

If you’re thinking about settling your claim in a matter of weeks, you may regret it. Well-versed accident lawyers warn their clients they must wait and see how much money their treatment will cost and how long they’ll be out of work.

Let’s say you’ve sustained a neck injury, like whiplash. Your doctor may assure you that you’ll be right as rain in four weeks. The problem is you don’t know that. You may develop complications or it may turn out your injury was more severe than initially thought. If you accept a quick offer and then you discover you need surgery, the insurance company won’t foot the bill. As far as they’re concerned the case is closed. You’re on your own. You’ll have to pay for the surgery out of pocket and you cannot get compensation for the lost wages.

Even if you’re hard-pressed for money, use your health insurance to pay for the treatment you need or ask your lawyers to refer you to a doctor that works on a lien basis. The doctor will wait until you collect damages to get their payment.

The prudent thing to do is wait until you’re fully recovered or the moment your doctors tell you there’s nothing more they can do for you. This way you’ll know your total medical expenses, the total value of your lost earnings, and what medical costs you may face in the future. Let your lawyers do the math and don’t settle until you get the compensation you deserve. 

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