What is the difference between special and general damages in Geismar?

Geismar, LA – All states, including Louisiana, have laws related to the kinds of compensation that victims can receive after being involved in an accident. However, the state uses the terms special and general damages for economic and non-economic compensation, and their application is not always obvious or intuitive. It is helpful for anyone who has been harmed in a motor vehicle collision or other types of accidents to get an overview of this concept and then meet with a licensed attorney to discuss the specifics of their situation. 

The definition of general damages

State law uses the term general damages to identify what many other jurisdictions refer to as pain and suffering. This non-economic compensation is related to problems caused by injuries and medical conditions such as physical pain, mental and emotional trauma related to the accident, the effects of a disability, and effects on the victim’s ability to lead a normal life. Because this is a fairly intangible concept, it can be difficult to determine how much will be available in terms of general damages. However, lawyers who have handled many injury cases throughout the course of their career will know how to argue for a sufficient amount of general damages during settlement negotiations or a jury trial. 

Special damages are available as well 

Despite the name, special damages are a much more straightforward concept. These are the damages that the victim can prove after an accident through things like documentation, medical records and bills, invoices, wage statements and repair estimates. The attorney for the victim can use all of this evidence to argue for a specific number in terms of special damages caused by the defendant. This means that a more serious accident will generally have more special damages available, as the summary of costs related to medical bills and time away from work will tend to be larger. If the injuries will cause more losses in the future, this can be factored into special damages as well. 

Punitive damages

There is a final category of damages that are only available to punish defendants who were reckless or engaged in intentional misconduct. However, Louisiana law limits these kinds of damages exclusively to cases against drunk drivers.  

Louisiana accident lawyers are available

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