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Coconut Creek, FL – Civil lawsuits that happen after motor vehicle accidents and other common sources of injuries are focused on getting compensation for the victims. Ideally, the person should be able to file an insurance claim and get legal help, then receive an appropriate amount of compensation within a reasonable time period. However, the process does not always go smoothly and some victims work with lawyers for years before they finally have a satisfactory settlement. Despite these issues, there are some ways that the victim can assist with their case and help resolve any disputes quickly. 

Getting the process started

All civil cases have a statute of limitations, which means that the lawsuit cannot be filed at all once a certain amount of time has passed. It is also important that any investigations related to insurance claims, accident reports, and deposing witnesses happens as soon as possible after the incident. This means that anyone who has been hurt in an accident should tell their insurance company, notify the local police, and retain a lawyer as soon as possible. Any additional time spent between the accident and the start of these processes can cause problems later. 

Evidence that is organized and ready

Everything from pictures of vehicle damage to copies of medical bills is important for resolution of the case. If the defendant in the lawsuit sees that there is little evidence against their client, they are less likely to make a fair offer for compensation. In situations where the plaintiff has ample evidence of negligence available, the defendant has less room to try to negotiate or deny their fault. Having all of this information available from the beginning of the lawsuit can make a large difference, especially in terms of completing the discovery process quickly.  

Handling settlement negotiations

Quick results are not always the best option for some accident victims. Many insurance companies bet on the fact that people who need compensation will be impatient. They tend to offer settlements that are fairly small and may not cover enough of the person’s damages early on in the negotiations. Once negotiations have started, the victim should stay in touch with their lawyer as much as possible, and give feedback about their concerns. The reality is that clients who wait and are willing to be patient are more likely to get a settlement that compensates them adequately.  

Meeting with an accident lawyer

Accident attorneys who represent clients in Coconut Creek and other parts of Florida are available to give specific advice about lawsuits. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg is a trusted solution for all personal injury matters. 

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