Some severe car accidents cause permanent disabilities or other long-term medical issues that become a regular part of the victim’s life.
An accident in North Naples nearly claimed the life of a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officer, and he has found ways to inspire others even though he still lives with the trauma.

Severe crash in Naples kills one and severely injures another driver
While he was driving a U-Haul truck to move to his new home on Immokalee Road eastbound, a man driving a GMC pickup truck struck the officer. The truck had apparently cut across from the opposing traffic lanes before it made contact with the U-Haul. The man in the pickup truck who caused the accident died shortly after from his injuries, and an autopsy also found cocaine in his body.
After the crash, the officer was airlifted to Lee Health Trauma Center. He was only given a small change of survival and was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. A year later, he had made a miraculous recovery and is able to work full time and drive on his own again. He is now involved in a number of organizations and attempting to contribute to his community while being an inspiration to others. He was given speeches for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, The Fallen Officer Foundation, and a number of schools and churches.
Is there anything that can be done to help during the recovery process?
As this story demonstrates, the aftermath of a car accident can be life changing. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the legal process is the best way to receive payment that will cover additional medical expenses during recovery time and afterwards.
How is a victim paid?
During a lawsuit, there are a number of things that a lawyer will do to figure out the value of an accident. After a settlement or jury trial, the plaintiff can be paid an amount that is based on the amount of suffering that they have had to endure.
The most important element of any personal injury lawsuit is called damages. After fault and causation is established, an attorney can argue for a monetary amount that will cover economic losses and other problems. These may be related to missed time from work and lost wages, hospitalization, long term medical expenses, and even non-economic factors such as the emotional trauma and pain tied to the accident. While the economic damages are usually a very specific number related to the sum of the person’s expenses tied to the accident and its aftermath, non-economic damages are less tangible and give an attorney more leeway to convince a jury that the person has been permanently impacted by an accident and deserves to be compensated appropriately.
More information is available from an accident lawyer
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