What is the value of an injury caused during a car accident in Tampa?

Tampa, FL – If someone has been hurt in an accident, they may lose large sums of money due to things like healthcare costs and not being able to work for an extended period of time. A lawsuit may be the only realistic way for the victim to be able to pay for all of these sudden expenses, even if they have an active auto insurance policy. Anyone who is considering a lawsuit after their accident should speak with a local attorney to get specific advice related to their potential compensation and other factors that are related to their situation. 

Factors that influence the value of an accident lawsuit

The cost associated with injuries can vary greatly depending on the kind of treatment necessary and effects on the victim’s quality of life. As a general rule, more severe car accidents will make the victim eligible for a larger settlement or jury verdict. This is especially true when the victim suffers from a condition that requires long term or permanent treatment due to the accident. 

These costs can be proven through many types of evidence such as medical records, invoices, and pictures or videos of the accident scene. Witnesses from the scene may also be asked to give statements through a deposition to clarify what actually happened. Police on the scene will start to conduct their own investigation and create a report that is supposed to give an objective analysis of the crash and possible causes based upon their traffic expertise. 

The calculation of damages

In legal terminology, damages are simply the amount of money that a victim has lost due to the defendant’s actions. In personal injury lawsuits, these tend to be tied to medical treatment and problems, lost wages and missed time from work, and property repairs. There are also damages available for things like physical and emotional pain, trauma, and psychological stress caused by a collision. These are called non-economic damages. 

The complaint that starts a negligence or injury lawsuit will list all of the plaintiff’s damages, along with facts and legal arguments that state why the defendant is responsible. The defendant is given a chance to respond to these allegations, but both parties will need to exchange evidence that is relevant and supports their claims through the discovery process.  Settlement negotiations can begin as more information becomes available. 

Accident lawyers in Tampa Florida

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